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Ranked 52 of 1,768 brands  in Hand tools
(294 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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To create honorable tools and to keep running to do it, those are the KTC spirit. They have been developing their top quality products with a great passion. Their proud products are the proof of their great spirit.

KTC Cam Pulley Hold Wrench

Pin does not reach in a common red handle Universal holder, purchased this by KTC.Round and long Handlebar is easy to apply force, Spring is in the moving part, fine adjustment of opening is unnecessa...

KTC Digital Ratchet 12.7sq. 27-135N·m

Up to now 9. I used only 5sq digital ratchet, but it is easy to use, the battery lasts long,As it is in Review of other people, it was convenient to measure Torque even when loosening,For high Torque&...

KTC Riders Maintenance Tools Set

I bought it as an on-board tool so that it can cope with Trouble at the destination.First, the price is expensive. It is natural because it is a premium item called KTCI only pray that this tool is no...

KTC Riders Maintenance Tools Set

I bought it without confirming it well, but in June 2017 Spec. As it seems to have changed, the first piece of the product image is now Spec. It seems.Product Hexagonal is incorporated into Screwdrive...

KTC Riders Maintenance Tools Set

Recently insurance RoadService is also substantial so if you are on day trip on On Road TouringI think that Puncture Repair Kit and in-vehicle tools are enough.With off-road motorcycle, tools are nece...

KTC Riders Maintenance Tools Set

When I went to the mountain at SEROW, I was going with only the on-board tool, but I always thought that it would not be enough if there was something just this alone.So, if you had any idea that it w...

KTC 12.7sq. Socket Adapter

Socket for servicing was purchased at once by KTC, but I also added Socket adapter. Of course we are also nicknamed KTCSocket.

KTC 9.5sq. Pre-set Type Torque Wrench 20-100N·...

Previously Home centeretc. I was using the cheap Torque wrench which I sell at, but occasionally "Kachun" Sometimes I do not have time to worry about something uneasy.also... Because I do no...

KTC Flat Ratchet Replacement Screwdriver Set

I purchased Hexagonal Wrench with Driver and I purchased a Handlebar which is great for keeping it in Small Side Touring bag.I exchanged the exhaust system of GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA today but the space i...

KTC Plug Wrench Short

NSR250R (MC21) It is a very useful item for Rear bank's plug exchange.Removing the Right Side 's Reserve tank, it is narrow, but you can swap it by holding hands from the gap.It was a bit of t...

KTC Number Adjustable Type Padlock

Title itself.Small is too much for 900 yen, things that are likely to be sold at 100 yen.Perhaps it may be a mechanical good thing, but the satisfaction level did not balance.

KTC KTC Neck Strap

I thought that thickness was exactly good, but I told you again... Material is crappy, is not it?... It is Quality which is not amusing even if it is dealt as a gift by Events of Manufacturer and Even...

KTC KTC Logo Patch

I bought it for the T-Shirt or Polo Shirt in the summer but I bought it, but the red of the embroidery is so vivid that I think that its gloss disappears when washing with clothes, what I was wonderin...

KTC KTC Logo Patch

Short Sleeve T - shirt (White white) Iron on the Left arm of Iron. In the Instruction Manual "Sew on frequent washings" As I was noticed so, I sewed. Emblem is a bright Red color, it was the...

KTC Nail & Hand Brush

If it is KTC, I thought that it was no mistake and purchased it. Usability is very good.....It is an honest shock to see the price of this Brush, which the manufacturer sells at another site. Because ...

KTC Number Adjustable Type Padlock

The price is reasonable, but it is really red and Parenthesis is good! I am using it for KTC tool Case! It is very convenient as it is a Dial expression! It is the worst if I forget the number - - - (...

KTC Number Adjustable Type Padlock

Red Anodized beautiful gem.I think that performance as a key has never been Large, but you can prevent it if it is a little stolen.In my case, I am working as a key to the Tool Box.However, Body is Ma...

KTC Number Adjustable Type Padlock

I do not have a key to the Tool Box, but I fell in love with Design and beautiful Red at first sight purchase. You can also change the lock number to your favorite number, and it looks nice if you act...

KTC KTC Work Gloves

Usually Gloves is Exactly at L Size, but it seems to take time to get familiar with a little shit.Was it OK with Large Yu Size again?The making itself is solid and it is used for off-road driving.

KTC Tools Bag

I was looking for a sturdy and affordable thing to put the on-board tool.I purchased it because it was drawn by Brand and KTC called KTCBoth making and performance are the highest peaksThis price, per...

KTC Tools Bag

(1) On the whole, making is sure..(2) Because it is a stiff fabric, it is painful to hurt, stretch and tear, even if you put a lot of heavy tools, there is no worry.(3) Because it is a thick fabric, I...

KTC Tools Bag

【What made you decide the purchase?】In preparation for the Trouble at the destination, I purchased it because I wanted to install a tool in Motorcycle.The deciding factor of purchase,- KTCBrand- What ...

KTC Tools Bag

I am satisfied with the robustness, many of Pocket.Because there are many kinds of Pocket, separate Pocket by tool etc. etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. You can choose freely how to use.Even l...

KTC Tools Bag

Because it is a motorcycle with a small loading capacity, I want to carry out the necessary smallest tool limit. I think that I fully realize that thought. There is no need to raise what you want to b...

KTC Tools Bag

It purchases in order to carry for the Touring of Tomari.
It fastens to the Rear carrier and is carrying.
There is also much Pocket, there is, enters variously, and is convenient....

KTC Tools Bag

[Webike Monitor] It purchased from the uneasiness of in-vehicle tool.
It adds to the usual in-vehicle tool,
-FACOM J.161....

KTC Tools Bag

It purchased for Tourings.
Only the tool which can cope with the little Trouble in Touring point enters entirely.
Also making is solid, and since appearance is also smart, it is pleasing....

KTC Tools Bag

[Webike Monitor] It has the two goods here.
Although I, a tool Mania, have seen the storage bag of various Brands, isn't that can store a Socket, a Wrench, etc. with a sufficient Balance in a Compact...

KTC KTC Logo Sticker

I used it to hide Seat Cowl 's Carrier hole from the time of delivery.Even if it rains or car wash it seems that sponsors have attached without problems.Just because Size is either extremely Small...

KTC Gold Lacquer Work

Shiningly beautiful.There was no such scene as struggling to scrape paste.Noticeable "* The surface to which dirt prevention paint was applied etc etc. , It may not adhere to some special painted...

KTC Logo Sticker Sheet

In addition to sticking to my tool box, there are other companies' products, but SST (Special Tools) Several kinds of resin Case "Anything KTC" I am sticking it as! (Because I am satisfi...

KTC Logo Sticker Sheet

It is a tool box in which tools of various Manufacturers are stored, but since it also includes things of KTC, it is stuck on the tool box. (Ko-ken's sticker is also put on it... ) later... Where ...

KTC Drive Chain Tool Set

Repair Parts of the previous MODEL will not appear and it is a substitute.First of all, it is overwhelmingly different that Plate's press-fitting has become easier.Former MODEL was difficult becau...

KTC KTC Logo Sticker

【What made you decide the purchase】I liked the tool of KTC and decided to put the KTC's sticker on the top cover out of the CutSeries sold from RingStar because I wanted to make the tool box KTC&#...

KTC Magnet Sheet

Purchased along with KTC's tool box as Garage cleared up. I understand what is in each drawer at a glance and I think that it is a very good product. The tool box is still waiting for delivery but...

KTC Drive Chain Tool Set

As compared with the former MODEL, it is very easy-to-use.
-- a cheap tool -- since [, such as a system, ] it is high -- with few Crimp mistakes -- since there is a Repair parts finely, it is found...

KTC Cutter Pin for Drive Chain Tools (for 4050)

As compared with the former MODEL, it is very easy-to-use.
Since [, such as a system, ] it is high, a Crimp mistake is less than a cheap tool.
Since there is a Repair parts finely, it is found us...

KTC Rivet Pin for Drive Chain Tools

As compared with the former MODEL, it is very easy-to-use.
Since [, such as a system, ] it is high, a Crimp mistake is less than a cheap tool.
Since there is a Repair parts finely, it is found use...

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