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KN Planning

Ranked 28 of 1,775 brands  in Drive Parts
(714 Customer Reviews)
Very good
Official Site

KN Planning produces wide selection of parts such from 2stroke genuine replacing parts, engine tuning parts to aluminum dress up parts

KN Planning DIO Series Brake Camshaft

KN Planning DIO Series Brake Camshaft มือลิง ใส่ได้กับ dio 18-28 zx 34 35 ใส่ได้พอดีตรงรุ่น สีสวย ดูดีมีราคา เหมาะสำหรับตกแต่งรถให้มีสีสันดูน่าสนใจ
(translated by Google Translator)
KN Planning DI...

KN Planning Helmet Housing Box Insole Seat

Is Fit feeling perfect?It is even better if it's a bit soft inside?The price is a bit expensive, is it good for scratch prevention measures? (* ? ∇ ? *)

KN Planning PORT9 BIG Bore Kit

This is a great barrel to big bore bolts stright on no machining as it says it may very good fitting ports ling up very good nearly matched ported would recamend to all wanting more power and tarque g...

KN Planning Carbon Front Fender

Look good with silver chrome design. Enhance the bike appearance. It fits snugly and well. I will recommended all to buy. Thanks!

KN Planning DIO Series Brake Cam [Red]

KN Planning DIO Series Brake Cam [Red] ใส่แล้วดูดีสวยงาม วัสดุใช้ที่ทำแข็งแรงคงทน น้ำหนักเบา เหมาะสำหรับใช้ตกแต่งรถ honda dio-zx

KN Planning Big Brake Disc for STD Caliper Type 2

I installed it on LIVE DIOzx.When the thickness of disc is 0. It is thicker than 5 mm OEM and Caliper support may be slightly thick, but it is not measured.For that reason or after installation, Pad a...

KN Planning Tail Lens

Wonderful glass, the quality is very good. There are not any burrs left after manufacturing. The glass rose in the lantern like a native. The packaging at the store is above all praise. It's bad that ...

KN Planning Universal Blinker Relay [MISUBA]

Standard MISUBA. I used this as an alternative to OEM Product. Cheap and Size feel good. It worked for a while for a while and it was comfortable, but it has been in High flasher state for about a yea...

KN Planning STAGE6 Multi Digital Meter

ไมล์ kn planning stage6 mutl digital meter เป็นสุดยอดไมล์ที่การใช้งานครอบคลุม ฟังชั่นต้างๆเหมาะแก่การใช้งาน คุณภาพดีเยี่ยม
(translated by Google Translator)
Mi kn planning stage6 mutl digital mete...

KN Planning GP Style Dual Color Lever [SMAX/MAJEST...

The shape is the same as OEM, it is not far away and it is a safe distance feeling. I think quality is good for the price. However, because the corner of Lever is standing a bit, I feel a bit of pain ...

KN Planning 2WAY Type Cellphone Holder [with USB P...

Sumaho etc. I think that it is the biggest current of Cigar socket and charging cord, and since charging Speed ??was slow so far, I purchased a Smartphone Holder with a USB insertion hole.good point? ...

KN Planning Universal Hook

In the scooter I also want this Combination Nifrek.It is convenient to hang in the near field when it comes out in half hell.after "Sled" It is also deep, it is better to be unlikely to come...

KN Planning [Kappa] K30N [30 Liter]

Because it seems that it gets older, it seems that I stepped on my legs but it was Sale so I bought it.One impression that you tried using ,,,"It's too convenient"In Touring you can incr...

KN Planning Universal Hook

the place on which a pure Hook of the Convenience hooks of a KITACO hangs the load is straight -- having curved back -- -- if a light thing is hung, it is flying -- since he was uncertain, it exchang...

KN Planning Universal Hook

Although it is wide use, it was not made to JOG90 with Pons, but the cover was removed, it became wearing which makes a hole with a drill, and there was trouble a little. The attached bolt had weak re...

KN Planning Universal Hook

He bought it after all! If there is this [ no ], it is in 125 classes with small helmet in. Shopping is hot! It is convenience truly! They are goods kinder than anything!

KN Planning Body Clip for 4mm Tapping

Yes, simple work can do many measurements. Yes many versions Meet the needs of people who are not comfortable to work hard.

KN Planning Female Cylinder [500cc]

Yes, it is easy to do many measurements, with precision, can easily find fit. Can measure cc Mm can be measured inexpensive, yes, many jobs.

KN Planning Female Cylinder [500cc]

Yes, it is easy to do many measurements, with precision, can easily find fit. Can measure cc Mm can be measured inexpensive, yes, many jobs.

KN Planning Gasoline Sub Tank [1000cc]

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Mandatory price【How was it actually used?】 Required Use is cheap.【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】 It's simple.【Please tell me the point of inst...

KN Planning Brake Lock/Brake Stopper Type 1

Especially without trouble, it fits perfectly with Handlebar of love machine and Brake.You can safely work with Maintenace Stand.Since similar products are on sale from various Manufacturers, it may b...

KN Planning Brake Lock/Brake Stopper Type 1

I use it when using Maintenace Stand.Formerly Neptrene Beltetc. I was using.And a year ago by Wei Big, "Webike Garage : Brake Lock "and found it immediately.It was easy to use and it was ver...

KN Planning Universal Band Holder

Everything that comes from any Manufacturer has hardly changedI bought the one with the cheapest KN projectUsability can be used together with Pulley faceOf course it can also be used on the Driven si...

KN Planning 6mm Bolt for Aluminum Collar [2pc.]

Aluminum color is just Steel.Steel Why is this gold price I want you to have more rust stop.I bought it because I do not see a Spacer with 6 mm Size so much, but should I buy it with Misumi or somethi...

KN Planning Tire Valve Pooler

I often see the tools to insert the TireAir valve, but I thought that Puller is not quite good and I purchased it.However, since TireAir valve is not reused, Cutteretc. I can cut it off, but even thou...

KN Planning Hose Clamp

I use it to stop the loosening of the plug of Drain hose of Oil tank of Buell X1.I do not remember when I exchanged, but the Orange 's knob faded faded, but I can still use it. (*^^*)I think that ...

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