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KN Planning

Ranked 28 of 1,693 brands  in Drive Parts
(669 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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KN Planning produces wide selection of parts such from 2stroke genuine replacing parts, engine tuning parts to aluminum dress up parts

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KN Planning MOS Aerodynamic YAMAHA Super JOGZr Win...

【What made you decide the purchase?】Because there was no other Manufacturer issuing Winglets.【How was it actually used?】Although it is my personal opinion to the end, I thought that the price is somew...

KN Planning Hose Holder

I took off the plastic cvt cover for better air flow. This solves looks great, is inexpensive, and is very functional.
The craftsmanship is very clean, so spicy.

KN Planning Mirror Bracket Clamp 8mm Normal Thread...

D-TRACKER (98) There was only RightMirror from the time of second-hand purchase so I bought it to fit regulations.RightMirror has a mounting hole in the vicinity of MASTER but Left Side has no holes s...

KN Planning Weight Roller YAMAHA 2-types Series Sc...

Used for '07 SE44J.I was thinking that it was for setting in terms of price but at 2 to 3000 km there was no abrasion like wear.Although I used various weights, it is surprisingly practical, even ...

KN Planning Reinforced Drive V Belt

There was a time at the previous Address. Well, it's useless because it's an old car.Well, it is different wear than 125 cc but it is the first exchange after purchase so there is no problem.

KN Planning YAMAHA Series Square Master Cylinder

If you buy OEM or OEM second hand, I think this is good ♪There is no dissatisfaction with texture and accuracy, BrakeTouch also works well with few inputs due to the difference in Cylinder diameter wi...

KN Planning Bore Up Kit Cylinder

Normal muffler - External system outside NORMAL installation dimensions can not be installed unless the hole of Flange is processed.Included G / When assembling using K, Piston comes out from the uppe...

KN Planning Brake Mesh Hose 570mm

Used for Brake which changed to an external Master cylinder.OEMRubber hose is in poor maintenance and contacts with Tire, it gets cut and melted and Fluid leaked, so change to Mesh hose so as not to o...

KN Planning Drive Pulley

OEM's Pulley got a step down so purchase. At this price Pulley and Face, WR, Slide Piece etc Full set included and cospa is the best.Installation is the same as OEM.

KN Planning JOG Oil Pump(Previous JOG Regulation/H...

There is a notice that it is necessary to bleed air in the pump and hose, if you bleed the air bleeding screw and each hose and put it overnight (I have not run the engine!) The floor is in the ocean ...

KN Planning 2WAY Type Cellphone Holder [with USB P...

Sumaho etc. I think that it is the biggest current of Cigar socket and charging cord, and since charging Speed ??was slow so far, I purchased a Smartphone Holder with a USB insertion hole.good point? ...

KN Planning Brake Lock/Brake Stopper Type 1

Especially without trouble, it fits perfectly with Handlebar of love machine and Brake.You can safely work with Maintenace Stand.Since similar products are on sale from various Manufacturers, it may b...

KN Planning Brake Lock/Brake Stopper Type 1

I use it when using Maintenace Stand.Formerly Neptrene Beltetc. I was using.And a year ago by Wei Big, "Webike Garage : Brake Lock "and found it immediately.It was easy to use and it was ver...

KN Planning Universal Band Holder

Everything that comes from any Manufacturer has hardly changedI bought the one with the cheapest KN projectUsability can be used together with Pulley faceOf course it can also be used on the Driven si...

KN Planning Universal Hook

In the scooter I also want this Combination Nifrek.It is convenient to hang in the near field when it comes out in half hell.after "Sled" It is also deep, it is better to be unlikely to come...

KN Planning 6mm Bolt for Aluminum Collar [2pc.]

Aluminum color is just Steel.Steel Why is this gold price I want you to have more rust stop.I bought it because I do not see a Spacer with 6 mm Size so much, but should I buy it with Misumi or somethi...

KN Planning Tire Valve Pooler

I often see the tools to insert the TireAir valve, but I thought that Puller is not quite good and I purchased it.However, since TireAir valve is not reused, Cutteretc. I can cut it off, but even thou...

KN Planning Hose Clamp

I use it to stop the loosening of the plug of Drain hose of Oil tank of Buell X1.I do not remember when I exchanged, but the Orange 's knob faded faded, but I can still use it. (*^^*)I think that ...

KN Planning 6mm Bolt for Aluminum Collar [2pc.]

It was notation with Aluminum Collar but it was made of iron normally.It reaches the magnet and rusts normally. I'm sorry.I will exactly please the product notation to details.

KN Planning Brake Lock/Brake Stopper Type 1

I use the photo with a V-strom 650 Grip heater.It is too thin to get caught on the Grip part, so it will not fit unless you press it quite strongly.Also ADDRESS V125 also has an external Grip heater,T...

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