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Ranked 486 of 1,795 brands  in Exhausts
(12 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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KENTEC provides customization parts mainly for Japanese 4 manufacturer's cruisers and Harley Davidson. They offer leather items like bags which match with those.

KENTEC Thick Slash Cut 2IN1 Exhaust System Φ9...

Owned car Yamaha R100 ROADSTER Midnight Silverado 2006 yearStart mounting work as soon as the product arrives! Easy to Sound comfortable after engine startIt is not an explosion rather than the imagin...

KENTEC Plating Engine Point Cover (TYPE2)

I attached it to Honda's Logo hidden and Gorgeous feeling Up. I am satisfied with my self-satisfaction..Various FOR JAPAN MODEL Manufacturer deals with it, but probably I think that it is all made...

KENTEC High Power Air Cleaner (Plain)

As expected it is making Ken TEC.Texture is not cheap, it also has a heavy feeling.It also has Bracket and can be attached to DRUG STAR.The exhaust sound will change.Large Thick and thick.The fastest ...

KENTEC Thick Slash Cut 2 IN1 Exhaust System Φ...

Harley FAT BOB of the 1980s had this type of Exhaust System and I longed for it.Buy BIKU with Return. Although it was Dual Silencer's external goods Exhaust System,Purchase immediately.Installatio...

KENTEC Fog Light Kit (with Blinker)

The appearance is completely complaintsGood texture, fog arrangement and so on Balance is good so there is a sense of unity like OEM.The difficulty is, in the case of amateurs, is still installedThe i...

KENTEC Thick Slash Cut 2 IN1 Exhaust System Φ...

I bought a Motorcycle for the first time in 30 years last year, and I am drawn to charm. However, I was not satisfied with the sound of the String Rush Exhaust System that I arrived at the time of pur...

KENTEC Classic 2IN1 Exhaust System (Fish)

DRUG STAR CLASSIC 400 Injection mounted in a car. If you have a box wrench you can attach it by attaching it. Although it is the key sound, Idling is more like a gogogo than a doododo. The sound volum...

KENTEC Thick Slash Cut 2IN1 Exhaust System Φ9...

I\'m really happy with the Exhaust I love the sounds. And also like that you can remove the Baffle silencers.
Thank you very much.

KENTEC Classic 2in1 Exhaust (FL)

It is whether the direction which explosive sound roaring likes is quite good.
The attached Stainless wool was individually indispensable.

KENTEC Low Rider 2IN1 Exhaust System Φ90

[ -- the webike Monitor ] -- although it is quite explosive sound roaring, it becomes quiet by attachment of an attached Baffle.
A Box wrench did not enter but attachment of the Exhaust pipe of the ...

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