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Ranked 310 of 1,795 brands  in Engine Parts
(27 Customer Reviews)
Very good

JAMES GASKETS is a manufacturer to release the gaskets for Harley. They were founded in 1979, but they provide even the previous gaskets of 1979. They are considered as one of the industry leaders by the amount of lineups of gaskets for Harley Davidson.

JAMES GASKETS Derby Cover O-ring

Accuracy is bad (Large Yu) I was able to replace it, but the replacement item could not be mounted too loud.I proved that I can not pick up movies and returned it.Since there was not such a thing in t...

JAMES GASKETS Starter Solenoid Quad Seal

Solenoid's Gasket seems to have two kinds of Sponge with Seal and Rubber ring Gasket. At first, I used Sponge typeReuse is not possible once attached once. Also, Seal's mount was not peeled of...

JAMES GASKETS Derby Cover Gasket (Paper)

Again James' Gasket can be trusted.Primary Cover's accuracy is bad, and Oil occasionally leaked out.After exchanging the Gasket, the leak stopped.

JAMES GASKETS Fork Drain Screw Kit

I purchased it because I replaced Fork oil.Since NORMAL is Screw of Plus, it is easy to reuse as it is Hex so it's easy to reuse. Seal seems to be not a copper Packing but an easily crushed Gold g...

JAMES GASKETS Oil Drain Plug O-ring

I purchased Harley's Engine oil for replacement.Small Sana Parts, OEM is very expensive...I bought it because it was cheaper compared to it, but it can be used normally.Oil There is no leakage, sa...

JAMES GASKETS Inspection Cover Gasket

I purchased Harley's TransOil for exchange.OEM is very expensive...I bought it because it was cheaper compared to it, but it can be used normally.Oil There is no leakage, same as OEM etc. I think ...

JAMES GASKETS O-ring for Inspection Cover Screw

TransOil I bought it for exchange.Small Sana Parts, OEM is expensive.I bought it because it was cheaper compared to it, but it can be used normally.OEM and same etc. I think that it is good to think.

JAMES GASKETS Oil Drain Plug O-ring

It is attached to Drain bolt by exchange of Transmission oil. Since it is necessary to exchange every time, do not forget to replace. O-ring has the role of Packing. If it is crushed or broken it will...

JAMES GASKETS Oil Drain Plug O-ring

Oil For each replacement, we are exchanging with this new O-ring. There seems to be a way to wind water leakage prevention Tape on the Drain bolt, but we do not have Oil leaks only with this O-ring.

JAMES GASKETS Front Fork Tube Plug Seal

I used it for Oil and Spring exchange of Front fork. Rubber also can be installed securely with well-stuck Well. Oil will not leak even if you lay the Fork sideways.

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