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Ranked 157 of 1,791 brands  in Suspensions / Rearsets / Wheels / Swingarms
(88 Customer Reviews)
Very good
Official Site

HYPER PRO is the manufacturer of high quality suspension in Netherlands. Their suspensions are adopted for ambulances there and characterised in focus on comfort and performance on the street.

HYPERPRO Rear Spring

Self-exchanging is tough if there is no Spring exchange experienceThose who are not confident, those who do not want to bear Risk should use Shop or Active's free replacement serviceI recklessly c...

HYPERPRO Front Spring

I tried using W800. You can feel that the NoseDive decreases and you feel sticky with Breaking. I also want to exchange Rear's Suspension.

HYPERPRO Front Spring

Although the OEM is soft and batting faster, the Hyper pro sticks well anyhow (OEM may have stuck in, so we can not simply compare). Even with braking from 60 kilometers per hour, I stepped on with a ...

HYPERPRO Front Spring

I exchanged from the OEM and immediately test drive ... I just came back from the neighborhood, but from OEM, NoseDive is fewer, the impression that it sticks. The feeling when stopping is not bad eit...

HYPERPRO Steering Damper

I introduced the increased opportunities to run on the expressway to the aircraft.I know only Steering Damper of the past "Do you get in the way to get on the street?" I was worried, but I w...

HYPERPRO Front Spring

Because Zusrension of ZZr 400 got lost both before and after, Rear gave it to OH and Front fork made it OH by myselfIn that case, if Front fork is slightly better than OEM and purchasedUntil the time ...

HYPERPRO Front Spring

I installed it in ESTRELLA. From the fluffy feel of NORMAL, the initial movements are good, and when you are Breaking you are stepping on firmly. Unlike Spring which is just soft or hard, it is a well...

HYPERPRO Front Spring

Buy Front fork Overhaul.Since installation asked Motorcycle shop, photograph is after installation.Compared to OEM of 25 years thing is not comfortable ride comfort & performance.It seems like an ...

HYPERPRO Rear Spring

The diameter of Spring is considerably thicker than OEM, making it solid. The feeling of running is a stable running feeling. There seems to be no worry of strayness, it is a custom around the suspens...

HYPERPRO Rear Spring

Oil leaked from DamperROD of Rear suspension this time,Rear suspension is a replacement wearing slime.Prepare OEM's Rear suspension and purchase Hyper pro Rear spring,We ship to Active which is th...

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