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(496 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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Honda Accessories is the brand of HONDA which offers all products ranging from customization & accessory parts to other parts needed for your motorcycle life. There is no doubt about its high quality products and gears.


I think that it is a very easy-to-use product. I also had a solid sense of making and was just right for a two night stay in the capacity as expected. The point to worry is that it is hard to store as...

HONDA One Key Inner Lock Body

Tweezers are essential for every part, each shoulder stiff with my presbyopia. It took more time to assemble more than I thought with complicated construction.

HONDA Top Box 45L: One Key System Type

Sorry I made a mistake. It's very simple and we don't need a mounting attachement. To avoid this mistake, Honda could provide some explanations when you buy it.

HONDA Top Box 45L: One Key System Type

No mention of the mounting attachement top box and no reference to buy it. Impossible to fit with the rear carrier. What can I do now?


The performance of Body is good. Sensitivity is good and it will not malfunction with unnecessary vibration. However, the method of releasing Alarm is roundabout. If the Engine key is ON, grasp the Br...

HONDA U Lock; Wide Type

I'm happy because it fits exactly on Rear carrier of FIMONKEY and there is almost no Wobble!Just as MONKEY, as long as there are two Large people, they are lifted and taken away, so we use Godzill...

HONDA Business Box

Purchased for Camping with SEROW 225.Since it can not be placed as it is, use it on a Veneer board(The demon eye Nut is attached to the back)On the back of the board, attach a Stopper to surround the ...

HONDA Business Box

I bought it, I bought it, but when I arrived, I decided to decideMaking etc. is a finish that seems to be an OEM ProductSince it protrudes from Rear Carrier,I purchased LongCarrier laterIf it is LongC...


The installation is firm and split, and it is still convenient to be able to open and close with Main key.The appearance is neither possible nor impossible, and operations such as opening and closing ...

HONDA Parts List

I want the Parts List to be released on the web like Yamaha.It is useless because overseas is published on the web but PartsNo is not for Japan.Although I purchased it without any help, the price exce...

HONDA Quick Shifter

prodotto originale e consegnato in 4 giorni installato solo senza bisogno di andare in concessionaria veramente ottimo consiglio a tutti
(translated by Google Translator)
original product and deli...

HONDA Front Basket

Super Cub custom (AA01) It installed in. Custom is a frontal carrier as it is attached with OEM.As expected, the precision of Mounting Hardware in OEM Product is good, it is securely attached. Just be...

HONDA High Windscreen

Installation = 5As expected, there is only OEM, it fits without any gaps.Level not being noticed that it is exchanged if not told.quality - Texture = 5Because it is an OEM, it is completely uncomforta...

HONDA Sports/Grip Heater

Honda's Sports GripHeater has the same diameter as OEMGrip so there is no discomfort in the feeling of comfort.Since Switch is also small and fits next to Grip, the periphery of Handlebar gets cle...

HONDA Number Plate Bolt Cap

Like it very much, look so unique. In Webike the photo shown item look quite small but after received the item it look bigger than expected. Will get another one same design & colour. Great gift for a...

HONDA Dual Clutch Transmission Shift Pedal

It is my first time in DCT cars, but it's easy to get around town, but since pass and mountain paths are Shift change by myself, it was Handlebar Switch operation until now. When I attach this, I ...

HONDA Floor Panel

Very easy to install, non-slip surface. On the 2017 model theres no need to drill holes for the screws which is a plus. I'm very happy and the floor panel gives my PCX a very nice touch!

HONDA Floor Board: Passenger

OEMTandem Footpeg does not reach the feet of children,We used RIVCO's Floor boardRiser in combination.Mounting Bolt uses F 6 B's as it is,Because the shape of Holder mounting part is slightly ...

HONDA Backrest

'15 GL 1800 F6B installed.There were also few other company products, which was almost 2 choices,I decided to make it the OEM Product with the least discomfort in appearance.Regarding the accuracy...

HONDA Rear Carrier

In the installation Instruction Manual removal method,Instruction Manual In the above, removal of Screw 2 places, actually, 4 removalAfter that, I installed it. If it is impossible, it may have been e...

HONDA Anywhere Light

It is dramatically useful to illuminate the inside of the storage in a Big scooter under a sheet at night.
The point which can be automatically switched off now is also very convenient.
Since it...

HONDA Peacock Visor

Since the price had stretched considerably even if it looked for the black which is not transparent at all in other visors and was not found easily, this was said exactly, was found and was a thing. A...

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