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GIVI lineups items like hard cases from Italy. They manage from a design to production throughout. Their tail boxes adopted as a genuine option are reliable.

GIVI Monokey Case TREKKER OUTBACK Series [Special ...

When Pannier was first made into OBK 37 of GIVI, it depends on having become the top case. As one key cylinder for one key comes with Pannier, I exchange it and am enjoying AdventureStyle. Since there...

GIVI Special Rack [SR3105]

Purchase for OBK 58 installation. Because it was an expensive set I bought E251 and thought I could manage it, but I made it a special rack for security as the top case is big. When I opened the items...

GIVI CAM Pannier Holder [PL3105CAM]

Purchased to attach OBK 37 to V-Strom 1000 ABS. Because it is exclusive, there was only this choice. There was no distortion etc worried high because of the system, and the Instruction Manual was also...

GIVI [Repair Parts] Key Set for Black Bush [Z140]

The long-used key of GIVIBOX broke, I was trying the Spare key, but that key also started to twist soon, I did not know when the time to break, so I purchased the RepairKey set.Replacement is easy, ju...


When I did Hokkaido Touring with a Side bag, I thought that water intrusion in contact with the Exhaust System was great with Large rain, I thought that there was no longer any more to Pannier, and I ...

GIVI Tank Lock [XS308]

GIVI GIVI Tank Lock [XS308] 20LGIVIGIVI Tank Lock [XS307] I replaced it from 15LOriginally I chose the 15 L person, probably because I thought that 20 L was too bigI thinkHowever, after all it was 15 ...

GIVI Special Carrier [SR3101M]

Although it exists existence which feels slight contradiction as GIVI 's UniversalBase and it is exclusive product, there is no abnormality even 16 months elapse from wearingI felt dissatisfied wi...

GIVI Special Rack [SR2122]

Purchase to put GIVIMonokey case V47 on MT09 Racer.It is Case specified rack.I made it Firmly.There is no problem because the installation itself in Motorcycle has a polite supplemental Instruction Ma...

GIVI Side Bag EA101B

Looking for something good with Side Back, buying this product daringly. I think that installation was done several times and now it was installed with perfect Style. Refreshing other than 80 centimet...

GIVI Fitting for MONORACK [355F]

ได้รับของเรียบร้อย แพ็คของแน่นหนา
รอบนี้รอของนาน เพราะต้องรอผลิตเกือบหนึ่งเดือน
ได้ของมาก็ไม่ผิดหวัง ติดตั้งได้พอดี...

GIVI Engine Guard Upper [TNH1144]

I got a Dealer attached.Listen to the reputation that you do not get cocked into Cowl when falling, buy immediately. I gave both low and high.Styling is satisfactory, but anyway it's heavy! I shou...

GIVI Universal Windshield [A210] (Small)

It is being used for XJR 1300.Since I ran about 3000 kilometers for 3 months from the installation, I am going to impr..Windbreak effect - - -It's wonderful, the wind flows only above the Helmet, ...

GIVI E88M Universal Backrest

It installed in GIVISmileSeriesE16 Mono-lock case.In fact I wanted to attach BackrestE 86 dedicated to E16, but unfortunately I do not get it out of print so I installed Universal's E88M.Exactly F...

GIVI Aero Dynamic Screen [D1112S]

NC750S (2017 model) It attached to. Accuracy of hole position is accurate, installation completed in less than 5 minutes. Windbreak effect is reasonable from the viewpoint of ScreenLarge. Balance is a...

GIVI Aero Dynamic Screen [D437S]

3Season about the impression used.I used the Screen of Ajou PRO so far, but I felt it was not high enough at high speed, so when I was looking for it, I found this screen and purchased it immediately....

GIVI Aero Dynamic Screen [D407ST]

I pasted the Seal of Kawasaki OEM at the same position as OEMShield. I think that Shield which I was attached originally became Large, and I think that it does not change appearance of Motorcycle.High...

GIVI Aero Dynamic Screen [AF3101]

2013DL1000 V-STROM650ABS (Reimport) I still have a rectifying effect much more than OEMScreen. Also, can you fix the height of Screen in a free position and can choose by yourself by Touringscene?Also...

GIVI Aerodynamic Windshield [D182S]

Building, mounting Fit feeling is very good. It also showed its function even when traveling, making the high-speed driving easier than ever. It is very easy for town rides, too. Anyway Style is cool....

GIVI Aero Dynamic Screen [314A+A314]

Used with LEAD 125 for LEAD 110.First of all, it is clearly stated that 125 can not be installed with provisions.The difference we found is that compared to 110, 125 has a long Spacer between Handleba...

GIVI Optional Backrest for E109 E370

Tandem with TMAX 530, OEMBackrest is low, so I made it to Rear box + Backrest. Because it is Exclusive Design, installation was easy and beautiful..His wife got a good reputation for comfortable leani...

GIVI Waterproof Bag PBP01

Waterproof Bag is a necessity as it can rain whenever you ride Motorcycle by commuting every day..The fabric is solid and waterproof seems to be high. I have never used it on a pouring but it seems La...

GIVI Fluorescent Vest CSV01

Before and after Reflector (With GIVILogo) It also comes with a.Although it is hard to understand in the image, the Black part of both SIDE is surprised to be able to narrow down by Velcro and also ha...

GIVI GIVI Waterproof Holster Bag

good point- Characteristic Design- I hardly covered it with other people- Size in the vertical direction can be changed somewhat according to contentsA bad point- The function as Holster bag is close ...

GIVI GIVI Waterproof Bag

although 80L thought the kana ~ which it was a size beyond anticipation and was too large at first -- -- when the Camping tool etc. were packed, it was an exactly good size.
> greater hides the less...

GIVI Helmet Maintenance Stand

Helmet's Maintenance is also used for storage. Helmet If you put it in the included bag, you do not have to worry about dust in storage upside down. Perhaps it is best not to load the Income worn ...

GIVI Helmet Maintenance Stand

Of course when Maintaining Helmet, it is useful not to roll and keep it when you keep it. Also, since we are wearing Income, you do not have to worry about hitting the surface you put directly when yo...

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