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Ranked 152 of 1,693 brands  in Electrical
(96 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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GARAGE T & F is a brand that lineups various items mainly of American custom parts. GARAGE T & F is a deal if you are creating motorcycle full of originality!

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GARAGE T&F Intake Rubber Manifold

Because it is a part that is broken due to deterioration due to heat etc., regular replacement is necessary.It is saved because it is cheaper than OEM.I bought a different Manufacturer 's OEM Same...

GARAGE T&F Lever Set

Lever shape conforms to OEM Product, but the coating film was thick, so there was a sticky feeling as it was.Fileetc. We use it to cut aluminum to the earth.

GARAGE T&F Snake Eye Tail Lamp

I like items themselves. However, it is difficult to understand because the photograph of the installation explanation is hard to see with WhiteBlack. I like the style after installation!

GARAGE T&F Drag Pipe Exhaust Type 1

Easy to install, great sound, almost the only alternative to factory exhaust.
Improved reaction to the throttle, the sound there is a little echo, but it can be fixed with flutes with gasket
all hap...

GARAGE T&F Bottom Mounting Blinker Bracket

Easy to install, looks good with my micro blinkers and of really high quality for the price. Highly recommended for a sleek look for your bike.

GARAGE T&F Power Air Filter

Using this with the standard CV Carburetor for a 2002 SR400. Pretty easy to adjust carburetor pilot jet settings after installation to get the best results for my setup. Value for money as it's slight...

GARAGE T&F Breather Filter

A pretty good addition to my 2002 SR400 after removing the air intake system. Much better than just leaving a hose there, but no really discernible performance increasement.

GARAGE T&F Wire Harness

I used it in DSHandlebar exchange. I was able to install on Smooth. I thought that I would like you to sell it at SET if possible..........................................................................

GARAGE T&F Bird Gauge Blinker Type 2 Dark Lens Spe...

Very very beautiful, they came very quickly, and in good packaging. The quality is top, the finish is perfect, and included all the necessary components for mounting. They are heavy, simple constructi...

GARAGE T&F Drag Exhaust Pipe System Type 1

Even with the attached Silencer it is quite noisy.Exterior, texture etc. were solid, there were no parts etc deficiencies.I think that it is better to purchase Silencer separately. -

GARAGE T&F Saddle Bag Support

The price and correspondenceI'm glad.I also ordered Bag Support for my daughter's de Raster soon.Thank you

GARAGE T&F Fuel Bottle Holder and Portable Fuel Ca...

"Although I'm satisfied with a reasonable price as compared with other gas tanks, it has a poor feeling somewhat in a leather touch. If it becomes dirty a little, I expect that it may be visible appro...

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