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Ranked 70 of 1,785 brands  in Suspensions / Rearsets / Wheels / Swingarms
(223 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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GALE SPEED realizes performance, safety and cost performance asked for light wheels at a high level. The reasonable items are lineup!

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GALE SPEED Forged Aluminum Rear Wheel [TYPE-R] Gla...

? 【What made you decide the purchase?】 Design, price, weight, texture? 【How was it actually used?】 It can not ride yet because it is a heavy snow area, but it is definitely light!? 【Was it difficult t...

GALE SPEED Forged Aluminum Front Wheel [TYPE-R] Gl...

? 【What made you decide the purchase?】 Weight and accuracy, Design and price? 【How was it actually used?】 Unfortunately it's a heavy snowy area so I can not use it now, but I can expect it because...

GALE SPEED Rotation Sticker for Left/Right Side

fast shipping, the color is beautiful but they are quite a bit small
they are suitable for who want to replace lost or damaged original stickers of the wheels

GALE SPEED Pivot pin

This pivot is made quite nice. Increase the aesthetics of the product. It is not made of titanium but I like it. I wish it was made of titanium

GALE SPEED Forged Aluminum Front Wheel [TYPE-R]

The body will be lighter.Although it was the first Wheel installation, the better point is that the handling is light, so even to prevent standing .... The intersection is easier because it will not f...

GALE SPEED Forged Aluminum Rear Wheel [TYPE-R]

I installed it with SUNSTAR's Brake rotor. Unlike OEMWheel, the hub looks refined thinly. Gloss paint is also beautiful. I felt the lightness in handling just after installation.

GALE SPEED Wire Clutch Holder Kit

Since the position of the Clutch is far from the OEM, it is difficult to operate, so you can replace the Lever so that you can close itI thought I was going to use it, because I used Brake master as a...

GALE SPEED Forged Aluminum Rear Wheel [TYPE-R]

It will cost about 180,000 yen at Front and Rear Set,Very good Design, I like it.Is it forcible because it is forged like the price?

GALE SPEED Forged Aluminum Front Wheel [TYPE-GP1S]

Beautiful wheels that look great on the bike. Quicker acceleration (acceleration is never going to be face melting on an R3) and faster handling. Top quality wheels! Not cheap but certainly not expens...

GALE SPEED Forged Aluminum Rear Wheel [TYPE-GP1S]

Excellent wheel that looks really good on the bike. The lightness of this wheel is obvious on first ride. Axle required more than standard torque as the cush drive caused a vibration that felt like an...

GALE SPEED Hanger key ring

I think that it is inexpensive or well made, and that Large is just right.. However, I think that this is a malfunction of only the one I bought, but since Hook was a little loose feeling, I fixed it ...

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