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Very good
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G-craft is dealing with parts for customizing 4MINI with a special attention in every detail. The parts such as original frame and swing arm have a design that sufficiently stands a high power. The appearance is really cool!

G-Craft Chain for Roller Monkey

I installed it because the lower side of Swingarm was cut at MONKEY LOWdown. I do not know the durability, but ... I think that it is safe because the lower side of Arm is not scraped by this.

G-Craft Off-set Spacer for Hub (Thickness 1mm)

Three pictures were shown, so Quantity : 1 Set of 3pcs. Thinking and Quantity : 1pc. was. I did not write anything in the explanation Quantity : 1pc. And this price is expensive. I want a more polite ...

G-Craft Side Stand Assist

Height of 170 cm Height of the body short 1290 Super Adventure It is a ride. It is easy to put out Side Stand while straddling Seat, but it can not be returned, if you do your best to forcibly take yo...

G-Craft G-Craft Sticker

The Sub tank of the G - craft attached to the DAX has a lot of presence, it feels good,I stuck this sticker to make it claim a little more.Design, Size sense is perfect, I am satisfied.This Sticker is...

G-Craft Custom Seat Stepped Tuck Roll Type

It is a purchase according to GCraft's z2 Tail, it is a satisfactory product by Exactly Fit with exclusive use only for flowing rocks! It is regrettable a little slippery feeling.

G-Craft GDF Seat Cowl

Various z2 Tail is out, but I bought z2 Tail of solid GCraft that I made, but I am satisfied with making steady flowing!

G-Craft Exclusive Grab Bar for Z2 Seat Cowl

I bought it with z2Tail of GCraft! I am also solid, making it exclusive for Balance, very good, is a recommended dish.

G-Craft Handlebar Up Spacer for GROM

I am using it with ZOOMERX.We, 173 cm tall, when I got a full eyes at Handlebar, my knees were hitting Handlebar, but I got hit by 3 cm Up and my waist became easier.With 3 cm Up, you can install with...

G-Craft Sub Gas Tank (for Left Side Mounting)

DAX has 2 Tank capacity. 6 L is small, and you have to worry about the time the service station is open to go on a holiday Touring.However, I leave early in the morning & before lunchtime I go hom...

G-Craft APE100 Front for APE50 Front/Rear (for 12-...

I attached Aluminum Wheel of APP 50 to my desire.OEM's modest undercarriage has changed completely, and Large is satisfied with satisfaction.It took 5 hours to install it by working alone. It is q...

G-Craft Key Ring

Trusted Manufacturer key Custom.Detail is carefully made..Slightly, putting the key in the Pocket bulky, but worrying about losing the key gone.It was a very fashion key and I was satisfied..

G-Craft Key Ring

Had to buy a JDM key for this to work with no modifications, but totally worth the cost. Kind of bulky whole in your pocket, but does have a hole to be maneuvered onto a key ring.

G-Craft Key Ring

very good product and very well made and good fit will buy from webike again always a good business transaction

G-Craft Helmet Holder Relocation Bracket

XR 100 MOTARD has OEMHolder in the vicinity of Tandem Footpeg, but it rarely hit the Left foot heels around when riding, it was unavoidable.I bought GCraft's Holder this time and relocated the OEM...

G-Craft Helmet Holder Relocation Bracket

It is beautiful Aluminum processing which can be truly said to be the G Craft.
Since a Holder can be transferred to the Handle, it is more convenient than an original place.
I think that it becomes ...

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