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DRC offers various maintenance parts and repair parts mainly for off-road motorcycles.

DRC Rim Hole Plug

I closed the hole of SEROW 225 WOEMWheel. Because the installation is rather hard, Greaseetc. I had to insert it with a handle of the Driver and it did not enter..It is hard to come off as it is tight...

DRC Silicon Fork Boots Type L

Since the attached item faded, we exchanged and OEM Product but purchased as a replacement item with obsolete number. Material, Size seems to be good, but the Large crimp of the folds is smaller than ...

DRC Radiator Hose Kit

I used it for CRM 250 rm. Since the product is only 96 years, it can not be helped ‥. Left Side Only the radiator's Hose is short and rm (1991) It did not suit. It is impossible to walk around! It...

DRC Silicone Fork Boots Type S

I replaced it because the OEM became dirty and hardened.Installation is troublesome as I have to remove Fork, but Image will change when I exchange.Matte and good texture. SEROW has the same Fit as OE...

DRC F503 Floor Pump

Motorcycle, for MTB, I tried purchasing it.Although I had predicted largely, the Lock lever is large and it interferes with Wheel.You can put in air without setting the Lock lever, but if you are sayi...

DRC Carbon Style Sheet

Cracked in Side cover of VTR so I was looking for Carbon Seat for repair and Dress-up. To evaluate this product "extend" I wrote that it was expected and purchased. When I got the item I tho...

DRC F503 Floor Pump

Unlike cheap, a lot of air enters at one Stroke.While watching the Air gauge put a little more Air, pull out to the point where you aim at the convenient decompression Button.Notice that the Zipper pa...

DRC Brake Lever

I do not mind quite how short to run normally.I worked on only about 10 minutes. If this length, I think that you can considerably reduce Risk of Lever damage.

DRC Clutch Lever

There is no problem at all for running normally.The other day I fell a bit but I got scratches on the tip of Lever.It was good to be short. (^^)

DRC Front Fork Spring

NoseDive at Breaking is suppressed and it is a good feeling. Since it is not even extremely hard, attenuation is not effective either, and Spring is too soft. I put it in the Fork of KLX 125 and think...

DRC Boots Bag

Not using Off-road boots but Racing boots (SIDI Cydi : Used with Vortice Air On-Road BootsWhen carrying the equipment when running Circuit with Transporter, I could not put together only Boots and it ...

DRC Boots Bag

I was worried that there is no underlay, but I responded with Corrugated cardboard, because it got soiled anyway I wonder if this is OK, until now I have put it in the Garbage bag, but because the ins...

DRC Boots Bag

Until now I have carried OffBoots in a Garbage bag, but it is convenient to have it. Well, with the corrugated cardboard piece underlayed, Garbage bag is still inside, but I like it well and I like Co...

DRC Hard Anti Fog Lens

Fitting was not a problem.It is a shame that the Replacement Lens for MAIN is only Clear.Next will be to buy Goggles with abundant selection of Replacement Lens.

DRC Laundry Bag

Although I wanted to buy it from before, I replaced it with other things, but I purchased it unexpectedly because I could not use it.Besides, Laundry bag of DirtFreak was cheaper, but because there wa...

DRC Boots Bag

This is the third purchase.Did not the old ones have lost their bottom?Although it is not a fraying translation, the thread on the Reverse side is also very good.However, COSPA is the best, so I will ...

DRC Hard Anti-fog Lens

I could install it to the 83X without problem. Inside - There is no outside clarification, but it seems to be the one with Yellow color Film stuck inside. Since Lens is a consumable item, it will be s...

DRC Boots Bag

I use TCX 's off - road boots, but I'm Large enough to fit comfortably.I think that most off-road boots will go in.Since the upper part is Mesh, I think that Muret after using Boots will go ou...

DRC Hard Anti-Fog Lens

This time, I tried purchasing Mirror Lens of DRC for OAKLEY's Clover.Goggles, but I also use Mayhem of the same Manufacturer, this is OAKLEYOEM's FireWindshield IRIDIUMLens (Orange's Mirro...

DRC Tear Off Film

Form is also solid and there is also no difference of being pure.
although a authentic positive one has few places to purchase -- the thing of DRC -- Webike -- -- it can purchase easily and is conv...

DRC HC2 Lift Stand

I used it in Maintenance when I was riding SEROW 225, but it was purchased again as I gave it to acquaintance as I sold it.I was worried about entering by XR 250 MOTARD with 15 mm LOW DOW and FFork pr...

DRC HC2 Lift Stand

Large is also well suited to Maintenance of Chain and Wheel.One disappointing thing is that there is a lock to fix the top board, but even if it locks it may turn around,Performance - I made it to ☆ 4...

DRC HC2 Lift Stand

In the past, I bought STAND, although SEROW goes up, but Rear of WR 250X was not lifted and replaced it.I tried to mess around LINK of WR 250X, but in the old STAND I did not lift anything, I exchange...

DRC HC2 Lift Stand

I decided on this by seeing your review. Besides being heavy, I felt secure and I felt Lift up with confidence. The first one in the beginning was hard to move due to the sticking of the paint, but if...

DRC Hybrid Lamp

Impre that I contributed before was unilaterally deleted in webike, so I will post again.Although there is no problem in the product itself, since we corresponded a little to the correspondence of the...

DRC Hybrid Lamp

When opening it while thinking that the outside Corrugated cardboard seems to be funny with brown normal gum Tape, the old newspaper was used as a cushioning material and the sand was attached to the ...

DRC HC2 Lift Stand

I use it for WR 250 R but it will rise easily.Cleaning Chain - It is convenient to use for lubrication, suspension Oil exchange, Tire exchange, etc..It is safe if you feel uneasy because it is a bit u...

DRC T2 Ratchet Tie-down Belt

I posted it three times with the first Transporter and dropped it downWhen releasing Ratchet, ReleaseHook will not get caught.Once I thought about cutting at Knife.After going home, I immediately made...

DRC Pipe Clamp Hook

Although I bought it for the E25 Caravan's Second seat, but Pipe was too thick to use it. Well, conformance is High ace and of course it is within expectation. I thought that if I changed Bolt to ...

DRC Off Road Motorcycle Bike Cover

Since Rear has a Basket for storage, I chose L on One size from M of XL 230 Standandard.This Cover seems quite tight, and it felt Tight in a nice meaning from Front tire to around Handlebar.You can al...

DRC Cellphone Oil Bottle

A good bottle of oil, easy to use, trip time, beca...

DRC Tough Star Charger

It is an excellent item.. It's an easy task..There is no failure if it is compatible item.Be sure to check Specifications for goods against before purchase.

DRC Releasable Tie Wrap

Normal Tie Wrap disposable.Since this is reusable, it is possible to use it for purposes other than the original use such as fixing Cable and other things, especially when Camping touring something Sm...

DRC Gyro Stand

I bought another BalancerSTAND before but I am replacing it here because there is no good point that the accuracy of the product is badly unnoticeable as the large and disturbing Large.I do not take a...

DRC Gyro Easy

There is no better way to exchange Tire by yourselfBecause there is no foundation storage is also taken placeI am using a horse for Car on the foundation

DRC Fork Seal Driver 40-50mm

I think that it is desirable OEM tool exclusively for car model, but I purchased this product because it does not reach me because it is expensive and poor.If OEM tool, 1 Size 20,000 yen.However, this...

DRC Ratchet Plug Wrench

Purchase to unplug several times with RZ-R Setting. When used with RZ - R it hits Bolt 's head of Cylinder head, but I can manage it somehow. Length also goes sideways in Tank Bag so do not take s...

DRC Fork Cap Wrench

I bought it for Front forkOH this timeFirst of all, we do not loose Top cap which is tightened by regulation TorqueI surely lick it.

DRC Ratchet Plug Wrench

I frequently check the Plug on the setting of RZ-R so I tried using it.Since it is Rachet Type, it is easy to turn and it is quick to put it in the Plug itself, so it is good to be able to check the P...

DRC Fork Cap Wrench

Purchased for ForkOH of DR-Z 400SM.I was planning to substitute Large type Socket wrench, but this Size is not on the market and purchased here.There was only a special tool and it worked perfectly.Th...

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