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Ranked 137 of 1,783 brands  in Bodyworks
(110 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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DAMMTRAX is a company that manufactures, wholesales and sells helmets for motorcycle. Other than helmets, they handle various kinds of goods related to motorcycle such as parts for helmet, clothing, gloves, stickers and so on. In addition, they operates Biker's Cafe at HAKONE TURN-PIKE where is known as a popular place for long ride. All their products are Japanese design, manufactured in Asia and distributed all over the world.

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DAMMTRAX Sticker Decal

Received the good in order. Liking the old school sticker for my CB1300SF retro bike. Have been Webike customer since 2013 and they have not disappointing me on any of my orders.

DAMMTRAX Sticker Decal

Nice old style sticker of Champion sparks plug. Really blend well with my Honda CB1300SF retro looks. And the price is also cheap.

DAMMTRAX Sticker Decal

ll order more often for sure. thanks a lotgreat products. i love this place. just wish more was in stock when ordering. thanks

DAMMTRAX Sticker Decal

The color is good.. I also have a BlackRed elliptical ChampionSticker, but this one may have a taste.It is also good to purchase by adjusting shipping costs.

DAMMTRAX Sticker Decal

It is the purchase of the 2nd "HAVE A NICE DAY."Although the pattern of the girl of Hawaiian is different, the same Sticker also as a left-hand side side is stuck.Although it was a left-hand side inte...

DAMMTRAX Sticker Decal

A left Hawaiian woman is the leading role.
Since drawing was somewhat lonely when it was only , however a Hawaiian woman, the right-hand side sticker was stuck.
flower I think that the drawing of HA...

DAMMTRAX Sticker Decal

Since the picture was fading with the photograph of shop although it was the woman of the Hawaiian dance, I do not understand well in a girl or a woman (adult), but she is a lipstick white woman.

DAMMTRAX Sticker Decal

It considered, depended and was small.
Printing of > and a character regarded some as cheap.
as [ be / clearness / insufficient ] -- feeling -- ? -- > -- since it purchased in order to lose a fracti...

DAMMTRAX Sticker Decal

The Sticker is enjoying re-covering in feeling.
Actual goods are good although book product purchased one picture explanation to the trial by slightly rude touch this time.
Since the kind of > Stick...

DAMMTRAX Sticker Decal

It stuck on the duct part of the CARBURETOR.
I think that it is good touch since the thing is a good Sticker.
Although he thought that it appeared in one-shot credit here although having carried out...


In August 2017, we purchased Helmet, which arrived in August 2015. Two years have passedManufacturer It is strange that I sell it as an order. If it is cheaper than others, I can endure, but the price...


Although it is Stock Now, Manufacture 2016 / 12 / It was 17.There is no storage bag or Sponge for adjusting size.Inside L tag has Tag. Interior decoration is basic P?Pera, there is Sponge of Skyca onl...

DAMMTRAX The Blaster

I fell in love with the appearance.Exciting design that reminds me of the legend of the century.It is very similar to Vintage helmet I wanted for a long time and I am satisfied with Large's change...

DAMMTRAX The Blaster

Purchased with Design Priority. Usually, ARAI, SHOEIetc. I use M Size, but it is somewhat Loose Fit feeling compared to it, but I am not at all satisfied. I have not actually traveled yet, but I can p...

DAMMTRAX Mirror Toy Shield

Pink (Type for Mirror Bracket only). W-DAM-1091 Popo Seven Helmet mounted on Kids size. The daughter of the third grade of Small seemed to be embarrassed if the face could be seen through, so I chose ...


The Clear shield that was attached first broke, so I used it for a while without a shield, but recently my child became chilly and the child "My father can transform himself but I am not there&qu...


I was looking for Shield for SUPERMagnum of TT & CO and purchased it as if I could see it clearly without breaking the design of Helmet. I did not feel cheap as far as the amount of money, it was ...


Although I purchased Dam trucks' Long visor and installed it, I felt it was dangerous to visually see the front upward direction while driving, so I hesitated to purchase this Cap type Visor But f...

DAMMTRAX Bandit Helmet School Check

I bought it for my daughter who rides next to Sidecar, but I like it pretty well with no other design. Sense is good with with Visor. Also Goggles included. Cost performance can also be Recommendation...


The company's Helmet "AKIRA" I bought it at the same time. There was only the exclusive item, it was Design that has no discomfort even when wearing it. The windbreak effect was also sol...

DAMMTRAX Gargoyle Mask

I imagined that it was somehow hard, but I bought it, but it was soft like Handkerchief.As Jet helmet exposed her face, I was wondering if safety would improve slightly,It's not like that. Also, M...

DAMMTRAX Gargoyle Mask

I use it for another company's Helmet but I think that it is directed to Helmet of Dam trucks as explained.Installation is no problem but ... The width is different or it is mounted in slightly st...

DAMMTRAX Gargoyle Mask

Jet Helmet At Bubble shield, the chin was cold so I was overwhelmed with a medical mask, but I liked the squid and the appearance I tried it.Even if it receives the wind, it is not cold. It's perf...

DAMMTRAX Bandit Goggles

I tried it with Buko's Helmet.From the shape of the face Do not Fit from above Helmet, wind involvement occurred. There is no problem for directly wearing it.Helmeth I'm SizeML of Babebko.

DAMMTRAX Gargoyle Mask

Net was cheaply sold in Zawakita made by Small jet Bubble shield which was attached to the play There is play in the running wind can be rattled so move SunglassesSpec. I tried buying it because it is...

DAMMTRAX Blaster Goggles

I purchased it at the same time as The Blaster Cobra.First of all, I had trouble about Shield replacement method for about 30 minutes.I think that it was okay to have Instruction Manual.I managed to r...

DAMMTRAX Blaster Goggles

Somewhat cheap when looking at close up, but it is made of Rubber after all because it makes it to Goggles for expensive snowboarding so there is no difference in Large.It is not suitable for midwinte...

DAMMTRAX Gargoyle Mask

Since the position of a Hook changes delicately with Helmets, cautions are required.
In the Freedom of the SHOEI, since a Hook position passes in a top, it equips, and it pulls downward, or becomes, ...

DAMMTRAX Double Shot Sunglasses

Although he bought a Black, a Smoke goes into the upper part of a Lens portion thinly.There is no bend to the extent that the portion of a SIDE raises a field of view.

DAMMTRAX Gargoyle Mask

If it is a jet, it is cool so that I bought it. Since a wind hardly comes, it is good touch. Although there are two mounting parts, only the outside can be used probably because of a helmet, it is reg...

DAMMTRAX Animal Helmet

I am impulse buying.I do not plan to go to Touring with my dog, but I'd like to put it in a room as a custom painted object and keep it on the Helmet holder as an amulet.

DAMMTRAX Big Hell Lock

NINJA 1000 does not have Helmet, Wire is in the Rear seat and it is making it to hook Helmet, but since it is difficult to remove it because the inlay of the Rear seat is severe, it is bothersome purc...

DAMMTRAX Big Hell Lock

Purchase because Helmet lock is not on.The key is not authentic.I feel relieved to be relieved.I am satisfied as a substitute for Helmet lock.

DAMMTRAX Big Hell Lock

It's very useful that my Motorcycle has no Helmet lock.Moreover, although it can not be diverted if it is thing exclusive for the car model, if it is a kore it can be used even with other Motorcyc...

DAMMTRAX Gloves Holder

Made of Gold and easy to hold like Alligator Clip Jeansetc. Though it is a thing that can be attached to the Belt loop, it is limited to thin things such as Summer Gloves to the last. It should be eas...

DAMMTRAX Monogram Body Cover

I bought DAMMTRAX Dam trucks Monogram Body Cover M Size for 50cc TACT BASIC,Wheel is exposed about one-third both before and after.I think that it will become dirty as it rains.I wish I had made the s...

DAMMTRAX Big Hell Lock

I use attaching to the Tandem belt of a sheet.
Since the > Helmet has a ring, when separating from a Motorcycle, it is found useful as a key.
I thought that it would be preventing crimes more if the...

DAMMTRAX Big Hell Lock

The size chose 75 mm and color chose silver. Since he wanted to act as Locke where a helmet is put on the mirror of a car body, it purchases. It is used for the metal fittings of a helmet, and the axe...

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