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Ranked 17 of 1,693 brands  in Engine Parts
(982 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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C.F.POSH is a mini parts manufacturer corresponding to numerous vehicles. They provide mainly of CDI unit, aluminum made parts and customization parts for MONKEY

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CF POSH Racing IG Coil with Tailor Silicon Plug Co...

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Since the ignition system also deteriorates. I like the combination of colors that seems to be the best I compare.【How was it actually used?】 Stability has increas...

CF POSH Flat Face Throttle Cone

I bought two products because the original was broken. Good quality plastic and finish, acceptable price. This is a very good alternative to genuine one.

CF POSH Clutch Wire

Inner wire is more coarse than OEM and operation fee Ring is not so good.Inner wire is more coarse than OEM and operation fee Ring is not so good.Inner wire is more coarse than OEM and operation fee R...

CF POSH 24K Plating Stainless L/Crankcase Cover Sc...

It is purchased at the exchange of Crankcase Cover.Gold has quite Impact.The point which is worrisome is that there is no Flange so it is to see Clear paint damaged by OEMBolt.Since I do not know if I...

CF POSH 24K Plating Stainless R/Crankcase Cover Sc...

Gold has quite Impact.The point which is worrisome is that there is no Flange so it is to see Clear paint damaged by OEMBolt.Since I do not know if I do not see well, the situation is satisfactory, bu...

CF POSH Racing C.D.I. Super Battle

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Reputation, price, performance【How was it actually used?】 Performance as expected, high speed range became lively【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】 R...

CF POSH Clutch Cover Gasket

KICK, Oil pump Remove Clutch cover to remove it, so that Gasket can not be reusedOriginally planned not to reuse it was a prerequisite for purchase but it was a bit cheaper than OEM Parts Number so I ...

CF POSH Racing IG Coil with Speed Pro Twin Silicon...

OEMIgnition coil + I used Plug cord of NGK, but since the Connector part with Plug got loose it replaced it.D. L. I am using it with RotorKit, but for now it seems that Large is durable.... Still, Cir...

CF POSH D.L.Rotor Kit Digital Lightweight

I changed this from POSH Racing CDI Super battle and tried running with Circuit.Dip switch, Main jet is not adjustedIt seems that Engine braking became loose as the response improves a little.I could ...

CF POSH 24K Plating Stainless Steel Tank Cap Cover...

It's simply Bolt so it's enough as a feature.The color is the color you want, the same color as the ring of the ring and Neck less gold.Bolt's Length was totally the same Length.

CF POSH Dowel Pin Set

It is not a part to be exchanged, but it was replaced when overhauled. There was somewhat anxiety about the accuracy, but there was no play and it was possible to install without any problems. Manufac...

CF POSH CF/POSH 2016 Catalog

I continued to purchase it in the 2015 edition..... Other Parts. Compared to Catalog of Supplies Manufacturer, Page Number. I think that it is considerably too high from the number of published produc...

CF POSH Oil Seal Set

I bought it to overhaul the Engine of GORILLA this time. It is very good because it is easier to understand and does not need more time to buy with Set than to purchase OEM Parts Number at Rose.

CF POSH Oil Seal Set

Purchased for MONKEY's EngineOH. Up to now I purchased an OEM Parts Number with Rose, but the price of this item is also less than I can buy Reasonable. I do not know if I try to use durability, b...

CF POSH Oil Seal Set

I bought Shift arm's Oil seal because it was supposed to be compatible with FI, but two Oil seal besides Shift arm can be used for FI but enter Shift arm because Size is Large. It was. I regret no...

CF POSH Stem Seal Set

I bought this product because the engine of cd90 was falling down Oil I could have done it without difficulties but I thought that if the price was a bit cheaper it would not be a replacement for freq...

CF POSH Stem Seal Set

Exchange the bellows SOLO IN port when processing it.Because it is called OEM equivalent or ARAI made, it is not OEM itself.I do not have the stock of OEM Parts Number anywhere, so I'm happy with ...

CF POSH Oil Seal Set

Please exchange the bottom of the waist in the Expose case.
Since the > Oil seal deteriorates, I recommend you to exchange the bottom of the waist if possible, if it is that of an Expose.

CF POSH Knock Pin Set

Since the Bore up of the APE was carried out this time, it purchased.
At the time of an Expose, since this Knock pin may have been unable to been taken, the bottom of waist was purchased.
Since the...

CF POSH Oil Seal Set

[Monitor] It exchanges, when decomposing the bottom of waist.
It was cheaper than purchasing the original manufacturer's product individually, and since it Gathered by a Set, it was saved.
Since qu...

CF POSH Riding Glasses SA1340

It is inconvenient to carry because it is fairly large pattern even if folded. Because there is a little color, it does not go at night. There is some rattling in the Frame, but it is Level which does...

CF POSH Riding Glasses 2084

Appearance, a Fitting, a Design, and a Quality are also good and a price also thinks that it is handy.

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