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Ranked 43 of 1,734 brands  in Frames / Protections
(409 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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BABYFACE's development concept is to have best function, best quality and excellent design. They are not only used on streets but are also used at World Grand Prix's

BABYFACE Axle Protector

Since installation only tightens Nut, even beginners can easily installManufacturer can also be trusted, so this price is very good

BABYFACE Engine Slider

In order to replace Frame slider, we installed it for completeness. Because BABYFACE's Frame slider is installed slightly above, I think that there will be more rubbing parts, I think that install...

BABYFACE Rear Sets Kit

The footpeg that was previously attached to the CB 1300SB was detached in one month after regret as it was a regret that the movement was heavy and a burden was applied to the knee.This time the item ...

BABYFACE Rear Sets Kit

I stood with my carelessness and installed the OEM because I broke it.I asked Motorcycle's Shop to install and install.Installation completed at around 1 hour 30It is cool at first sight!But - - T...


I feel that both ShiftUP and DOWN have come to feel like getting excited. The product of Cut-out will have good rigidity. But I felt a good price even a little cheaper.

BABYFACE Shift Spindle Holder

GEAR easy to escapeShift change at high temperature comes to be prepared tightlyWe recommend you to install those who are troubled by GEAR missing and Shift miss by all means

BABYFACE Lever Guard

This is a good looking anodized alloy lever guard ! Very simple to install, it adds a simple safety measure to any road or track bike. Assembly only requires three Allen keys (5,4,3mm) and a dab of th...

BABYFACE Rear Sets Kit

Although Reverse Change and Wae Big wrote it, since I could not make a reverse change, I abandoned it.The text was changed by my point, but no response.


I attached it to ninja 1000 '14 ABS.I removed the OEM and it was a pon attachment. Since I do not have how to install it I think that it will be easy to install if there is some knowledge why whil...

BABYFACE Frame Slider

I used OverRACING, but because it is hard to remove the SIDE fin, I replaced it with this product. Easy to remove as it leaves the center of the fin. Since the product of Over gets out from under one,...

BABYFACE Helmet Lock

I bought it after confirming whether it can be attached to my Motorcycle with inquiry mail, but Bolt position does not fit and it can not be installed.The product may be a good one, but it can not be ...

BABYFACE Helmet Lock

I bought it for use during Touring.Installation is Bolt-on so you can easily do it in a few minutes.Plate's Anodized (Black) I feel the texture is also good.Anything better than nothing would be m...

BABYFACE Helmet Lock

I bought the ZX - 10R and I felt the inconvenience that Helmet lock was not attached.Even if Helmet is placed in Tank, it is unstable and likely to fall,Gold price is high, but I tried buying this ite...

BABYFACE Helmet Lock

Again, since the standard Helmet holder removes Seat and uses it, it is very hard to use.After changing to this, you can lock Helmet conveniently, it became very easy.Also, due to the exclusive use of...

BABYFACE Helmet Lock

I installed it in CBR 1000 RR of 09 year but it seems to be in a bad positionLocking Helmet of Full faceFootpeg strikes the bottom of Helmet.If it shakes with the wind, the gorigoli will be full of sc...

BABYFACE Helmet Lock

Since it is not in ZX - 10R, I purchased it before, I bought it with YZF - R1 and purchased it.Installation on the scene is easy, but it is difficult to apply Helmet.Design is satisfied with my favori...

BABYFACE Helmet Lock

I got lost as KIJIMA made, I bought this.Although KIJIMA was attached to another Motorcycle, I purchased it because I thought that there would be a problem if I had a letter since locking was not done...

BABYFACE Helmet Anchor

In the posted photograph, the feeling of the genus of Gold is great, but the real thing does not feel that way at all. Somewhat like Plastic. I like the texture very much.The only difficulty is that L...

BABYFACE Helmet Lock

I did not look for Helmet lock for YZF-R6.Looking at the picture of the product, the mounting part of Seat rail looked the same shape as YZF-R 6, so I purchased it and installed it.We purchased Torque...

BABYFACE Helmet Lock

Fast installation. Easy to install. When actually applying Helmet, it may be necessary to some familiarity - - Convenient if there is one. Making is solid.

BABYFACE Racing Hook

Purchase this product that was a bit concerned when purchasing other productsI removed it because it does not TandemFor the time being, it is important to look with functionality separately.Because I ...

BABYFACE Racing Hook

The attached Screw does not fit into the hole as the dimensions are different at all.. Can not install, what is this - - -I do not write more than 60 lettersAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

BABYFACE Racing Hook

After removing the normal tandem holder, I tried to purchase because I felt that it was missing. However, because NITRON's rear suspension R3 was installed, the ring part was hooked on the stay of...

BABYFACE Racing Hook

I did not do Tandem at SS, so I bought it for Dress-up. Rearresh around Rear became more Race ish. The price is high in MinusPoint, but the texture is good.

BABYFACE Racing Hook

I thought that Panasonic 1299 and Panigale R were also Universal, but I was hit by Exhaust Cover and it was not possible to install.But for me it seems that 1299 has not appeared, and since it is unwo...

BABYFACE Racing Hook

When carrying with Transporter it is more stable to fix Rear side, so I bought this item.Color worried, but I chose a prominent one.Originally, Tagu products attached under this product are not necess...

BABYFACE Racing Hook

It is a good part that combines practicality and appearance. 6R (636) In case of Tank It is necessary to take off Cowl, Seat, Tail cowl and it takes time and effort. By the way, Tandem Footpeg of Reve...

BABYFACE Racing Hook

I took this item because I was feeling lonely after I removed Tandem Footpeg, but it is good to feel like a little fashion!To tighten with the KIJIMA's Helmet holder I felt a little short, so I us...

BABYFACE Racing Hook

After all the heavy face is Gold!I was worried a bit by color but it was correct in Kore!Footpeg and Bar End All are unified with Babyface.

BABYFACE Tire Grooving Kit

It was a necessity but it was good if it was about half price.You can adjust the protrusion of the blade according to the depth of the groove you want to dig..It is good to have multiple Spare Blades....

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