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Ranked 140 of 1,814 brands  in Handles & Control Parts
(104 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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Lineup of AELLA covers beautiful and special parts as if its performance has been taken in some designs. Many items correspond to motorcycle produced in countries other than Japan.

AELLA Titanium Air Valve Cap

To cheap favorite Motorcycle, crappy Plastic parts do not suit you.However, if you take it out, AmericanValve will be exposed and it will be cool looking.So this is the appearance of Parts.Because the...

AELLA Frame Slider

Since I only saw this item Slider conforming to s2r I bought it. But I was able to surpass my expectation, because it was only this (I bought it without reserve) not, (What should I attach?) It change...

AELLA Aluminum Taper Handlebar

I was interested in 46 Works' Handlebar, but because there was no inventory no matter where I contacted, I ordered AELLA's Handlebar.Although the overall width narrows, the aperture angle is n...

AELLA Aluminum Cut-out Adjustable Handlebar

It is used in conjunction with Earls Gear's Handlebar Bracket.Body closer than Single Body. OEM's Hose class can be used as it is.It makes Control easier.Also, as the upper body wakes up, it h...

AELLA Slider Part (Plastic) Single Item

【What made you decide the purchase?】Liked, AELLA's Bar end slider's Right Side (Axel side) Dropped during running, and the resin part was full of scratches when I found it. I painted the bar e...

AELLA Water Pump Cover Protector

It is for DIAVEL, but it can be installed as it is on MONSTER S21200S.I heard that the MONSTER S21200S tends to damage the water pump at the time of a fall, so it was installed at delivery.I have not ...

AELLA Tank Cap for BREMBO Round 2-screw

OEM of Material : I exchanged from Plastic.The product of this Manufacturer is a bit expensive, but it is high quality.Champagne goals have calmed down also there is a sense of quality.I am satisfied ...

AELLA Tank Cap for BREMBO S15 Type

Although it is a part with no performance change, I tried to replace it as it always comes in sight.Champagne gold is luxurious without being flashy, I am satisfied.

AELLA Aluminum Billet Clutch Lever

I exchanged with Brake side at the same time.Although it was an effect, thanks to Bearing, the operation feeling became Smooth and it is worth replacing.Adjustment width is also easy to adjust to Larg...

AELLA Aluminum Billet Brake Lever

Foldable is too expensive - - - I thought it was wearing, but it was worth it.Thanks to Bearing, it became clear that Fee Ring became Smooth, making it easier to adjust the power adjustment. It was my...

AELLA Navigation Bracket

Bought the Zumo GPS mount for the 2017 Ducati SuperSport. Excellent fabrication/machining. Mounting plate is adjustable for angle and the mount has the exact amount of clearance for the GPS.

AELLA Navigation Bracket

It purchased for YUPITERU/ATLAS wearing. Although a few was regarded as whether a front Meter disappears, it can check firmly.The high speed and the general road were good.Although there should just a...

AELLA Rear Suspension Hook Wrench

The nail is attached to the tip and the middle, and when tightening up, let's bit the front nail "Push" You can turn Ring by operation. This is a function not found in ordinary Wrench, a...

AELLA Rear Suspension Hook Wrench

[Webike Monitor] It purchased to Rear-suspension Pre-road adjustment of > STREETFIGHTER 848.
Although the Frame was obstructive and it was not able to fasten in the Hook wrench which it had, since ...

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