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ACTIVE delivers ACTIVE original and worldwide top-ranking parts such as gale speed and digital monitor to all motorcycle loving riders.

ACTIVE Fender Eliminator Kit

Considering mud splashes of rainy weather, I have not hesitated yet,I decided to use rainy weather so I bought it.Product accuracy is also Large and strange, everyone is listed, but installation takes...

ACTIVE License Plate Holder with LED Blinker

First of all, I thought that it was expensive.If it feels like this I feel like I can not offer it at around 10,000 yen. 1. Wiring does not have Bullet Terminal processing, but it comes with Electro T...

ACTIVE License Plate Holder with LED Blinker

I bought it for installation on the ZX-10R.Because the friend of ninja 250 riding has installed it imitate wI also like OEM's Blinker, but I would like to make the Rear around Compact, when puttin...

ACTIVE Fender Eliminator Kit

The tail which extended with the baby is clear. Tail became a feeling that it jumped up and Parenthesis is good.However, installation is as it is Large strange.Since I had a Standard working time of 1...

ACTIVE Fender Eliminator Kit

I installed it and License Plate Light does not light, I know that I mail it to webike but leave it alone.To inquire about ManufacturerThere is no contact now.I should have bought another Manufacturer...

ACTIVE Fender Eliminator Kit

It is Steel who chose this product.Compared with Fiber, it will not crack due to vibration.Another is to be able to use Loading Hook by partially processing OEM's Fender.I am also satisfied with S...

ACTIVE Rubber Cap for Funnel

It's easy to wear, FunnelSpec. People in the garage and car wash should be attached.I bought a lot for testing and tried it out and made Brown Koshi Filter, but I could use it because I could not ...

ACTIVE Fitting Adapter

Used in combination with APCaliper for Z2.It can be handled the same way as OEM.Normal hoseBracket usable.The price is expensive, but it can not be helped ^ ^;

ACTIVE Temperature Sensor Ver 2

There is no oil temperature, hydraulic Meter and warning light for OEM Meter in the car T-MAX, so we installed it for grasping OilCondition.It is exclusive to ActiveDigital meter and reliability is ou...

ACTIVE Sub Frame [TYPE-2]

If there is a swell on Corner's road surface, Motorcycle has been blur for a while after passing, but after fitting it feels like it got resolved. Well, though the problem of feeling would be 80 p...

ACTIVE Micro Peach Cross

I use it for wiping up after car wash.Cospa is good at an affordable price.The water absorbency is also solid, Size is also Large Tiny, Small is just too good.

ACTIVE Micro Finger Cross

Since dirt picking and glazing were united and also form of the glove is carried out, it is easy to do work.
Scale etc. wipe off lightly especially the CROSS side that becomes dirty.

ACTIVE Micro Black Cross

[Webike Monitor] It is used for cleaning of finishing and the Polished Wheels of exterior.
The adsorption of dirt of user-friendliness is well better than an ordinary Towel and Dustcloth too.
It po...

ACTIVE Micro Peach Cross

[Webike Monitor] It is used for the car wash of exterior.
The adsorption of dirt of user-friendliness is well better than an ordinary Towel and Dustcloth too.
In my case, it is used only for finis...

ACTIVE Micro Black Cross

It purchased for waxing.
Although the Wax of the Spray type was used, since it was a fine CROSS, it was finished finely.
Since it can be washed and used any number of times, it is found useful very m...

ACTIVE Micro Peach Cross

He thought that it was good for cleaning of a motorcycle, and it purchased. it is because the reason for having chosen the pink thought whether to have flown [ which dirt understands well ] -- it is p...

ACTIVE Micro Peach Cross

A car wash is indispensable in order to always make the motorcycle into the beauty. It is also one of the pleasure of maintenance to wash a car. In order to take dirt, such as paintwork and a plating ...

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