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Plug Wrench Short KTC
posted Nov 13, 2017

Not suitable for Scooter

By Japan User(translated) (153718)FromJapan

Buy for tzr50r Plug replacement. Bring it to the vertical engine, but it is somewhat unkind to Soroter's Horizontal Type. I think that it is necessary for ns-1 or nsr 50.

Chain Brush Webike Garage
posted Nov 13, 2017

Be firm

By Japan User(translated) (153718)FromJapan

Although it is currently in use by other company Chain brush, the feeling is also conscientious feeling and the touch feeling seems to be strong without anxiety.Chain brush I used in the past was hard to use as I thought as a part of the brush got off quickly but this time Chain brush did not seem to touch it. I am looking forward to using Brush no...

Recovery Weak Rechargeable Float Type DAYTONA
posted Nov 11, 2017

I have been using it for about a year.

By Japan User(translated) (153718)FromJapan

I use it with Battery once it has gone up, but it is normal to start the cell.For those who do not ride everyday, I think that it is essential Items.

Hose Set with Air Vent One Way Valve Bleeder Webike Garage
posted Nov 11, 2017

Fluid exchange is comfortable

By Japan User(translated) (153718)FromJapan

The structure is Ball and Spring. After use it can be disassembled and cleaned.It is a product that I think I should have used earlier, it is very easy to exchange Fluid. Just work to open and close Breeder is gone but work Speed ??has been up.Until now I've connected Hose to Breeder, loosened Lever and tightened, and I was doing it without usi...

OFS 11-13 Combination Wrench JETECH TOOL
posted Nov 11, 2017

The price

By Japan User(translated) (153718)FromJapan

Purchased for brembo's Air release. The impression I used is a bit of play in the loading situation and I am worried that Screw will hurt when I use it many times. It is a price item.

Yamashiro YK-004 Motorcycle & Automobile Torque Wrench #1 Yamashiro
posted Nov 10, 2017

It is safe to have it!

By Japan User(translated) (153718)FromJapan

After Bore up, I purchased it because I was concerned about noise.I was tightening with the feeling of the hand, but it seems that I was too tired and loosely tightened,In the retightening state, it reached the prescribed Torque!Engine sound is quiet, I am satisfied with Large.Although accuracy is?, I think that making is also solid, feeling of use...

Vehicle Mounting Tool Set Webike Garage
posted Nov 10, 2017

I think that it is enough.

By Japan User(translated) (153718)FromJapan

I purchased it because the second hand FTR 223 did not have an on-board tool.I still use it only for detaching Battery, but for the time being I think that necessary tools are provided.I am satisfied with Cost like.

Fits: KTM RC 390 (Euro 4) 2016 (EU)
  • KTM RC 390 (Euro 4) 2016 (EU)
  • RC 390 2017
  • RC 390 2017 (US)
  • RC 390 2017 (TH)
  • ...and more.
posted Nov 9, 2017

Webike very good

By Anonymous (8)FromIndonesia

WEBIKE is a very recommended shopping place, because the response is fast, the goods are sold genuine, the price is very cheap compared to other shopping places and many promosya. semanjak I know my WEBIKE very helpful and the shopping process is very easy to use. hopefully WEBIKE more advanced in the future and more and more other products are sol...

Oil Filter Wrench for SUZUKI 14-square Webike Garage
posted Nov 7, 2017

Attention to the Full Exhaust System!

By Japan User(translated) (153718)FromJapan

Filter Replaceable Full Exhaust System is attached but indeed there is a gap between Filter and Exhaust, so it seems to be possible to replace it and indeed this Wrench could also be fitted. But Ratchet does not turn .... No matter how I can not enter Ratchet 5 more after it. I turned it with my own tool which we made suddenly. This product itself ...

Ultimate Air Gauge (400kPa) ETHOS
posted Nov 7, 2017

Mostly satisfactory

By Japan User(translated) (153718)FromJapan

Scale is easy to see, texture is also good.After measuring with STAND, I used it, but there was hardly any error.If you push Button you can remove the air, so we put it in a larger amount and use it to stop at the proper value.However, it is very hard to use it because it is not possible to press down on Valve of El character. It is also hard to us...

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