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Auto Return-type Wire Twister Pliers Webike Garage
posted Feb 17, 2018

Cheap, easy, high quality

By Japan User(translated) (155914)FromJapan

I tried Wiring for the first time, but it was very easy to clean up. It may be because quality is also an amateur, but there is no particular dissatisfaction. Well, if you dare say something, is there no manual? Well, since you can search the way of using Net, there is no problem.

Tire Lever & Rim Protector Set Webike Garage
posted Feb 14, 2018

Tire Lever & Rim Protector Set

By Anonymous (2)FromThailand

Tire Lever & Rim Protector Set received to day and look special tool ,l love it help my shop work so much thank you for all webike staff .

Optimate 4-Dual TECMATE
posted Feb 13, 2018

Amazingly good

By Japan User(translated) (155914)FromJapan

I got to purchase by seeing in play evaluation etc!I used it in half-trust, but when I look at it, it is Big Li to the quality as reputed!

Gear Single Flex Ratchet Wrench (1 Set of 90pcs.) Webike Garage
posted Feb 12, 2018

The quality is better than the price is ...

By Japan User(translated) (155914)FromJapan

It is regrettable that there is no 17 mm sizeIt is cheaper than I buy Rose goods and it is firmBecause I do not use 13 mm in domestic car, I am doing it for workNodding Glasses is still useful

FH3/8-10 3/8 Spinner Handle JETECH TOOL
posted Feb 12, 2018

Easy to use and outstanding durability

By Japan User(translated) (155914)FromJapan

The Spinner I used before was broken fundamental whether the Torque was overloaded (^_^;)I am doing my best not to break this time yet.

Helmet In Pocket DAYTONA
Fits: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
posted Feb 11, 2018

"Batch gou" Cooperate with dat...

By Japan User(translated) (155914)FromJapan

I installed it in Axis Treat.Small articles - I think I will store things I do not want to add much heat.Material is soft and good feeling.After opening the pilot hole and fastening Screw it was batch gou.

Optimate 4-Dual TECMATE
posted Feb 10, 2018

Pretty good

By Japan User(translated) (155914)FromJapan

Because DAYTONA's Charger broke down, I bought it as a successor. The Instruction Manual is somewhat confusing, but it's easy to use. Even if it keeps connecting, it is good, the flashing of Light etc., the state of Battery is easy to understand. Security is guaranteed for 3 years.

Flexible Compact Ratchet Webike Garage
posted Feb 10, 2018

Exactly on the in-vehicle tool!

By Japan User(translated) (155914)FromJapan

In addition to the Swivel mechanism of Head in Compact, it is amazing that Handlebar can be rotated to THandlebar.Switching of rotation is not a Lever expression so I need a little accustomed, but I think that it is also cheap and also good for in-car tools.Is the durability just starting to use?

Brake Lock/Brake Stopper Type 1 KN Planning
posted Feb 8, 2018

I bought it because it was cheap.

By Japan User(translated) (155914)FromJapan

Clearly, anything was fine if Front brake could lock.It was a tool that was not concerned at all, so I chose it by price.Usability is also normal.It stops well.

Optimate 4-Dual TECMATE
posted Feb 8, 2018

Reliable and Reliable

By Japan User(translated) (155914)FromJapan

Even if you are using it while challenging frequently until now, Battery is just getting out of powerEven if you replace it like every year, Harley's Engine is finished with cutlets.This worry is tied up patchily CHARGE, and additionally Waterproof function If this is Large durable! Good luck I purchased a high OEM Battery Target 3 years

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