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KAWASAKI Blinker Connector Set DAYTONA
Fits: KAWASAKI Universal
  • KAWASAKI Universal
posted Sep 25, 2017

DAYTONA KAWASAKI Blinker Connector Set

By Anonymous (1)FromBelarus

I bought two pairs of connectors to repair the damaged wiring of the direction indicators. The installation of the connectors passed quickly and without any difficulties. The quality of the goods is at an altitude. As it should be
- this is the real Japanese quality. I recommend to all . Do not regret what you buy for your loyal friend (motorcycl...

Terminal Wiring Connector Tool Type-B MINIMOTO
Fits: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
posted Sep 23, 2017

Compatible with most standard connectors

By Anonymous (1)FromVietnam

It works great with mini and junior-sized terminals. I only had trouble with connectors whose locking tabs were far too deep. I would be ideal to have one of these with longer pins.

posted Sep 17, 2017

First time use

By Japan User(translated) (151624)FromJapan

Bore-Up Cylinder 6Piston Exchange First Experience While Original Collect information with Net without knowing what is necessaryI praised you as I thought it was wonderful as I thought I was purchasing and using this cheaper than storefront price.After use, there is no next schedule that will not decrease much, but is it a living thing?People who f...

Thin Caliper Piston Reverse Tool Webike Garage
posted Sep 17, 2017

It is an ordinary tool.

By Japan User(translated) (151624)FromJapan

Brake Caliper Piston I bought it for rubbing work.It's ReverseTool since for Vehicle for over 20 years ago.I was able to do the work without problems.4 Whether the action surface is narrow and the length is not enough for Piston Caliper?I felt a little uncomfortable.Is it this Size in order to share it with one-touch 1Piston or opposed 2Piston....

Caliper Piston Removal Tool Webike Garage
posted Sep 17, 2017

I will work on neat tools!

By Japan User(translated) (151624)FromJapan

I bought it to challenge to the massage of Brake Caliper Piston.Although a typhoon is approaching, rain does not rain and I am free so I will work on it (Lol)I check it because I am checking the work content with Net.Rose cleaning and holding the Brake lever and Piston equal etc etc. It does not come out to.I was able to easily turn around with the...

Pulley Holder Webike Garage
posted Sep 17, 2017

There is no problem for normal use

By Japan User(translated) (151624)FromJapan

I used it to remove Drive face with V Belt exchange of Scooter.Loosen Shaft first, the T-shaped part to hold (Part of Orange) I was impatient to go around together, but because the rotating parts were tight due to brand new.After painting a little 5-56 and turning for a while it moved to Smooth, but I thought that I wanted around here to check abou...

Precision Torque Wrench 6-30Nm 3/8 Size Webike Garage
posted Sep 17, 2017

I am afraid to use it

By Japan User(translated) (151624)FromJapan

I bought it for tightening less than 3 kg, but it is not accurate and can not be used.Bolt of the same tightening Torque Even 1 pc out of 4, even if it exceeds the setting Torque it may be endlessly tightened and it is scary and can not be used. Even if there is a single reaction, sometimes it will be tightened from there again if you apply force o...

Ultimate Air Gauge (400kPa) ETHOS
posted Sep 14, 2017

I will fit in Valve!

By Japan User(translated) (151624)FromJapan

"ultimate" There is only a stroke,It is a mouth suitable for Valve of Motorcycle.Previously I was using Emon's,The tip is 45 °,The air is easy to leak by applyingI was struggling.good point :- Pitat and fit in Valve- Rubber covering Body- The tip rotates 360 °A bad point :- With Case - - -- I wanted a little designability on the dial(...

Carburetor Pilot Screw Adjustment Tool Webike Garage
posted Sep 14, 2017

To use well.

By Japan User(translated) (151624)FromJapan

In the first place, Carbonuretor's Pilot screw is stuck firmly in Large strange, trying to forcibly turn it without noticing that it is sticking will damage Wrench. It is also the same for expensive Manufacturer OEMWrench. People who use this to break will probably also damage Manufacturer OEMWrench. Finally, a word, choosing Koboshi brush.

Brake Lock Webike Garage
posted Sep 14, 2017

During maintenance or parking in a slopi...

By Japan User(translated) (151624)FromJapan

I carry it during Touring.Large Since it is not something, I put it in the baggage Waist Bag and I got a habit of locking it if it seemed to be inclined.

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