F-1 Fire Retardant Motorcycle Cover Hirayama Industry
Fits: KAWASAKI ZX-11/10
  • KAWASAKI ZX-11/10
  • DUCATI ZZR1200/1100/400 (RC45)
  • SUZUKI 1000GT
  • YAMAHA Zephyr 1100 / 1100RS / 750
  • ...and more.
posted Apr 24, 2017

good product

By LEE SUK MIN (10)FromSouth Korea

I also like waterproof performance in double-stitched.
It is perfect for my bike xsr900.
It is a l...

Motorcycle Stretch Strap Adjustable 2-packs ROKstraps
posted Apr 20, 2017

More practical than cargo nets

By raito (2)FromBrunei

I tried cargo nets and they were pretty useless as they don't offer adjustable lengths. These ROK st...

Mono Lock Case [E43NML-ADV] GIVI
Fits: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
posted Apr 8, 2017

Good quality

By Eddy Wong (1)FromHong Kong

good finishing & fast delivery!
can't wait to attach on my scooter!
it's functional & practical....

Smartphone Holder Wide for Motorcycle DAYTONA
Fits: YAMAHA MT-25 RG 10 J ABS not available
  • YAMAHA MT-25 RG 10 J ABS not available
  • MT-03 16 RH 07 J No ABS
  • Majesty S 16 2LD2
  • Tricity 14 SE82J
posted Mar 23, 2017

Great Stuff

By NO NAME (3)FromThailand

It's easy install and good quality from Japan
I Loved this when I use for GPS on iPhone is more co...

Rear Maintenance Stand for 50cc-125cc SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA)
Fits: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
posted Mar 15, 2017

Service stand for Z50's

By LUKAS (5)FromAustralia

Bought this Takegawa stand to service my z50's. Whilst it took ages for webike to get it out, as Tak...

Clutch Lock Nut Socket 39mm Webike Garage
Fits: HONDA LEAD100 [Lead]
  • HONDA LEAD100 [Lead]
  • YAMAHA Remote controller jog 5SW1-5SW7
  • LEAD50 * Not compatible with minor change vehicles after 2012
  • PCX125
  • ...and more.
posted Mar 14, 2017

Too shallow

By MARS (4)FromUnited States

Got this for the PCX rear clutch large nut. Good quality product but too shallow once your torque wr...

Digital Volt Meter + USB N PROJECT
posted Mar 9, 2017

Great to use with GPS

By NO NAME (2)FromThailand

Bought many times to install on my new bikes. This saves space since it is both a USB charger and a ...

posted Feb 28, 2017

Excellent! I am very glad!

By Nepsha (5)FromRussia

The bag is very high quality! Waterproof! I have it handled by impregnation! I liked castles, very q...

posted Feb 23, 2017


By Nepsha (5)FromRussia

This bag housewife instead for bikers !!! You can put about 10 kg of potatoes or 7 kg of onions, it ...

posted Feb 6, 2017

Very useful for getting the grime and gr...

By Dogfm (2)FromUnited Kingdom

Very useful for getting the grime and grit off your chain. You need a good chain cleaner too, which...

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