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KITACO Suspensions / Rearsets / Wheels / Swingarms

(177 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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KITACO is a brand that releases a wide variety of items mainly of 4MINI parts. They release many products essential for exhaust gasket and others of almost all vehicles.

KITACO Aluminum Wheel Introductory Set (Standard &...

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Required- Tire I was curious about (DURO) There was a sense of shopping as it became a set.- MONKEYOEMTire is about to reach the limit so I wanted to manage the running noise of the bucket tie.【How was it actually used?】 Required- The finish of Wheel is preeminen...

KITACO 8-inch Aluminum Wheel Set (Standard)

KITACO's Aluminum Wheel is inexpensive compared to other companies Accuracy of the spot is also satisfying and satisfying It's like I seem to have increased the color I wish I would like to make it Tubeless next time

KITACO Kick Pedal

When it was set to YOSHIMURA's Exhaust System, NORMAL's Kick pedal hit Exhaust System, so we exchanged together. I used it well without trouble making.

KITACO Side Stand Switch Canceller (Type-B)

When using vending machines or parking lot etc. It is convenient when leaving the car body for a while keeping the Engine on.Since it is also a safety device, it is careful not to run without standing the Yume Yume STAND.

KITACO Side Stand Switch Canceller (Type-A)

Engine does not start when Side Stand is issued to the latest MotorcycleOr if Engine is stopped when it is hangingIs it a safety device, is it necessary I do not know well for myselfI purchased it for Cancellation and installed it.Remove the SIDE Cover and just replace it because there is a Blue Cou...

KITACO Shock Absorber

I thought that this time we purchased GORILLA 's absorber as a set, 1 pc. We ordered only, we noticed that the product was Rose selling for the first time, arrived immediately, we ordered additional order! Finally I was able to start the installation work! I am satisfied with the finished appear...

KITACO Shock Absorber

I bought the first absorber this time! I was worried about sticking to the price or sticking to Manufacturer, but decided at an affordable price! If it was useless it was a feeling that it would be better to choose, but it looks best, use It was awesome.. If interested in how luxurious goods are ama...

KITACO Aluminum Swingarm Type TT

We exchanged for stability from Swingarm which is unreliable due to instability of OEM.Since there is no plan to put the 10 Inch Wheel,I made it to 4 cm long which is a moderate Length which is not too long.Installation accuracy is perfect without problems.I feel that OEM Wheelbase is too short,Beca...

KITACO Hip Up-AD 90 Up (Plating)

I used it for a vehicle that made SUPER DIO a long wheel base. I like the condition of Suspension so I tried purchasing this Parts that I can use as it is rather than buying a long Suspension again. Long wheel base purchased a little longer aiming at the direction of softening as the angle of Suspen...

KITACO Rear Shock Absorber

After wearing, I went to South Boso with my wife for a hot spring touring. There was a sense of stability at high speed and it was comfortable without the feeling of sinking of NORMAL. The return trip passed through Route 410 which has many Curve. The boat will float in LeftCurve which should also b...

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