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AELLA Suspensions / Rearsets / Wheels / Swingarms

Ranked 33 of 564 brands  in Suspensions / Rearsets / Wheels / Swingarms
(26 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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Lineup of AELLA covers beautiful and special parts as if its performance has been taken in some designs. Many items correspond to motorcycle produced in countries other than Japan.

AELLA Riding Footpeg Kit

Because I also installed the Racing seat, I felt the distance between the seat surface and the footpeg was long. Attaching this footpeg increases the sense of unity with Motorcycle, making it easy to ride. Rigidity is also felt higher than OEM, Shift's Fe Ring becomes more Direct. I chose the po...

AELLA Adjustable Footpeg Kit

I did not attach ★ 5 with too much impression if I noticed, but this product is wonderful. It is a perfect score..As you can select 12 Position like clock hands on the circumference of 2 cm radius, Riding Position which was cramped at NORMAL's Peg, it is extremely easy (Knee grip was also hot, b...

AELLA Footpeg 70mm (1pc.) for MFJ Corresponding Ra...

There is also a bad thing about me, but in the standard product 77 mm, the toes of Boots got grounded to the ground at the time of a full bank at Circuit, so I replaced it with a 70 mm Footpeg Bar. I thought whether there is an effect with a difference of 7 mm, but when I actually wore it, the numbe...

AELLA Riding Footpeg Kit

Since the step was set unexpectedly backward, I wanted to move it forward and upward. Because of my short legs ? my knee was not caught on a tank. Putting it on the top of this step and forward, it was good for me. A spring is inserted into the master of the brake, yet it is a bit weak. So, you need...

AELLA Front Axle Collar

It is exchange from the Axle Color of a NORMAL.Although the NORMAL is a product made from a Steel, it is a product made from an Aluminum here.Smoothness when the hand of Anodized surface preparation describes The difference by it being wonderful and being pure is clear.Durability also seems to be ...

AELLA Brake Pedal

The AELLA carried out Shift-pedal purchase before, and since it was very good, it has dabbled in the Brake pedal shortly.Although it was dramatically easy, and the fixed Bolt of the Brake pedal was removed and the rest only thought that attaching was, attachment cannot be attached unless it removes ...

AELLA Riding Footpeg

STREETFIGHTER 848 was equipped.The merit of finishing of surface treatment and a White alumite is an AELLA truly.the NORMAL -- a step position -- a top -- and it comes in front and becomes easy to carry out a Knee grip.The tightly also of the feeling of operation of the Pedal is carried out, and it ...

AELLA Change Pedal

Although the pure Change pedal of the Buell had the dramatically astringent motion and it was seldom moved by performing a Shift change in the Bootses, in the case of the Sneakers, it was hard, and since a guide peg became painful and it did not often become to carry out a Shift change, either, it w...

AELLA Riding Footpeg Kit

It cannot be convinced that the usage belt of brand-name parts is considering a price.
The range of the angle adjustment of the Brake and a Shift pedal is narrow, and it is hard to do it.

AELLA Riding Footpeg Kit

It was very beautiful, and structure was solid and it was also hard to understand an instruction manual.

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