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AELLA Suspensions / Rearsets / Wheels / Swingarms

Ranked 53 of 572 brands  in Suspensions / Rearsets / Wheels / Swingarms
(14 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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Lineup of AELLA covers beautiful and special parts as if its performance has been taken in some designs. Many items correspond to motorcycle produced in countries other than Japan.

AELLA Adjustable Footpeg Kit

I was dissatisfied with OEM's footpeg, but I tried to replace it.You can make the position of footpeg variable by taking advantage of the original folding mechanism.I set the position to be back without changing the height, but footpeg did not get in the way when stopping. I became easier to put...

AELLA Riding Footpeg Kit

Because I also installed the Racing seat, I felt the distance between the seat surface and the footpeg was long. Attaching this footpeg increases the sense of unity with Motorcycle, making it easy to ride. Rigidity is also felt higher than OEM, Shift's Fe Ring becomes more Direct. I chose the po...

AELLA Adjustable Footpeg Kit

I did not attach ★ 5 with too much impression if I noticed, but this product is wonderful. It is a perfect score..As you can select 12 Position like clock hands on the circumference of 2 cm radius, Riding Position which was cramped at NORMAL's Peg, it is extremely easy (Knee grip was also hot, b...

AELLA Riding Footpeg Kit

Since the step was set unexpectedly backward, I wanted to move it forward and upward. Because of my short legs ? my knee was not caught on a tank. Putting it on the top of this step and forward, it was good for me. A spring is inserted into the master of the brake, yet it is a bit weak. So, you need...

AELLA Brake Pedal

The AELLA carried out Shift-pedal purchase before, and since it was very good, it has dabbled in the Brake pedal shortly.Although it was dramatically easy, and the fixed Bolt of the Brake pedal was removed and the rest only thought that attaching was, attachment cannot be attached unless it removes ...

AELLA Riding Footpeg it

STREETFIGHTER 848 was equipped.The merit of finishing of surface treatment and a White alumite is an AELLA truly.the NORMAL -- a step position -- a top -- and it comes in front and becomes easy to carry out a Knee grip.The tightly also of the feeling of operation of the Pedal is carried out, and it ...

AELLA Riding Footpeg it

Structure of the Riding step of this AELLA is really beautiful.
It is solid, and the Step load also of the rigidity can be carried out in comfort.
That a guide peg is slippery from the Step is about [ which is not most ], if common.
> -- since only four Positions can just be chosen -- 6 -- or whe...

AELLA Riding Footpeg it

Monster796 was equipped.
a Hold of the > Step, and a feeling of operation of a Shift change (especially SHIFT UP) -- this point changes so dramatically that it is not it compared that it is pure.
Again, a step position becomes front and a top and it becomes easy to carry out a Knee grip.
If als...

AELLA Riding Footpeg Kit

Cling to ST3.
since the Pillow ball by the side of the Change pedal is not attached, the thing of the NORMAL must be diverted -- the rate of a price -- -- slightly regrettable! and others -- Good!

AELLA Riding Footpeg it

Mr. Dealer -- -- I will put into the very first, if a car body is purchased! -- back step made to say. Though thought [ what thing is the best and ], it was afflicted by the amount of money, but it introduces at last. After worrying fairly, that of Mr. AELLA felt it most beautifully and functional...

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