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Very good
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KITACO is a brand that releases a wide variety of items mainly of 4MINI parts. They release many products essential for exhaust gasket and others of almost all vehicles.

KITACO Service Manual for Cylinder Head, Cylinder ...

Challenge for the first Bore up, Service manual and Parts List were prepared but purchased additionally.Since it was described carefully for the shoot, it became Large change reference.It was also nice to have a vertical type only!

KITACO Catalogue (MONKEY SERIES ENGINE) Vol.4 for ...

Watch local MotorcyclePartsShop selling at fixed prices, buy from hereOrder together with various things, shipping fee is free, reasonable priceFor the day we can open the Engine, it is preparation of knowledge.

KITACO Service Manual for Cylinder Head, Cylinder ...

I bought it as a premise to form APE's bore UPKit. I also thought about examining OEM's Manual, but I was not able to make it too high. Because the CUB type Engine has several conflicts of Rose shita so far there is confidence but because the CB type is the first time it became very helpful....

KITACO Full Exhaust System Gasket (1 Set of 2pcs.)

I bought it for my child's PW50.It is less than half the price of OEMParts, the performance does not change, it will maintain frequently, so there are many opportunities to remove Exhaust pipe, so at this price Quantity : 2pc. Set is also available so I can buy it.

KITACO Catalogue (MONKEY SERIES ENGINE) Vol.4 for ...

I bought what I want as a reference for work for the first time in a long time since my engine was disassembled. It is detailed and very understandable. I think that it is a level that can work without failure even with a beginner, such as one point being worked on.

KITACO Catalogue (MONKEY SERIES ENGINE) Vol.4 for ...

I planned to Bore up MONKEYZ 50 A, purchased KITACO's Light bore up kit 75 cc, and also bought this cheap sheet together. Since it is an era in which IT advances, if you look at Net, you can refer to blogs etc for those who tried, but I still wanted to mess with the Engine based on the trust of ...

KITACO Catalogue (MONKEY SERIES ENGINE) Vol.4 for ...

I wanted to finger the Engine from now and I bought this cheap sheet ♪Since it is written in detail, it seems I can even be a beginner of Engine custom.

KITACO Catalogue (MONKEY SERIES ENGINE) Vol.4 for ...

I bought the KITACO Tiger Kochi to install KITACO 's Light bore up kit on CHALY.It was very picturesque and helpful.It was good to purchase (^-^) /

KITACO Service Manual for Crankcase (for APE Serie...

Monkey gorillaetc. Honda Horizontal TypeEngine decomposition and overhaul, Clutch exchange etc etc. If you have this work, you can work with confidence.In the past, it is a thing that I remembered in imitation looking, but by all means I want to put it at hand.

KITACO Catalogue (MONKEY SERIES ENGINE) Vol.4 for ...

Monkey gorilla's Engine (Above the waist) Partial Maintenance and Bore upParts installation is essential.Everyone sees it's easy to understand. After that, it is good enough to arrange the necessary tools. I have one book at hand and I think that there is no loss

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