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Lineup of AELLA covers beautiful and special parts as if its performance has been taken in some designs. Many items correspond to motorcycle produced in countries other than Japan.

AELLA Aluminum Taper Handlebar

I installed it on R1200GS of MY17.It is numerically 1 cm different, but it is quite narrow impression.Especially when you turn the Handlebar to full, the outside becomes far better.Cable's handling also had no problem in particular.Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Switch (Grip) Since the fix...

AELLA Crankcase Internal Pressure Control Valve (&...

It becomes One-Way Valve which lowers the so-called Crankcase internal pressure. There are various rumors, but since it does not cause a problem because it is functionally attached for the time being,. For the four shots, the Reed Valve method may be better considering follow-up performance. Was it ...

AELLA Radiator Protector

In the picture of the product page, the logo part of AELLA is Blue color, but there is no coloring on the real thing. I was sorry to just buy this as a decisive factor.After all I painted it myself. It can be said that you can color with your favorite with Color ....Filled with paint so that it gets...

AELLA Short License Plate Holder

I certainly do not like the Type Crescent Plate Holder that I will install in SwingarmI purchased this product and installed it with Shop before delivering it seems that it was quite awkward.I heard that it took trouble to pass Wiche under License lamp from Swingarm and pass under SeatIt took about ...

AELLA Frame Slider for M1200

I asked for installation at Shop before car deliveries but it seems that it could be mounted as well as other things.Whether it guards firmly is a mystery but design is quite fond of it.I thought it was a good idea to protect Radiator alone, but I installed itI feel twice as high as other Manufactur...

AELLA M821 Handlebar (LOW)

Normal handle of MONSTER S2821 is wide in the sideways and does not match a little Japanese with short arms. Personally I was thinking that if you staggered in the Large Style the force got easier to enter and the width was narrow as it was, and a little squeezing was working.It was this AELLA '...

AELLA Radiator & Oil Cooler Protector Set

I purchased Black according to the image of the car body. As expected, it is a product of AELLA so texture and accuracy are good, but mounting was troublesome. I think that it is better for people who can afford to leave it to Shop.Since it is Core guard, it is a product with no change in actual per...

AELLA Aluminum Cut-out Adjustable Handlebar

I think that the texture is also good with a mechanical appearance compared to normal Pipe handle.However, because the purchase motive was the Position adjustment of DIAVEL, the primary concern is whether or not the adjustment mechanism can set the optimum position.In conclusion, the coordination me...

AELLA Riding Footpeg Kit

Because I also installed the Racing seat, I felt the distance between the seat surface and the footpeg was long. Attaching this footpeg increases the sense of unity with Motorcycle, making it easy to ride. Rigidity is also felt higher than OEM, Shift's Fe Ring becomes more Direct. I chose the po...

AELLA Rear Floating Kit

Ducati 400SS did not have Rear brakeFloating, so if you were looking for 900SS OEMParts, webike searched and found AELLA made and bought it.However, things were sold out, but due to the correspondence of webike, although it was an exhibit, I could purchase it safely.For installation, a little Spacer...

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