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EASYRIDERS Motorcycle Luggages

Ranked 22 of 205 brands  in Motorcycle Luggages
(12 Customer Reviews)
Very good
Official Site

EASYRIDERS sell original parts mainly for customization of Cruiser . Recently, they are becoming a comprehensive motorcycle parts manufacturer handling not only Cruiser but also single, twin and mini bike parts


The shape is Exactly!.When attaching, Belt attached did not come very well so fixed with in Hemp palmk.The leather straps that were bound by DRing were handed over from Rear attached in Hemp palmk to Pinionfootpeg and used to prevent involvement in Rear wheel.When I tried it I felt a good feeling.

EASYRIDERS Saddlebag W-3

I bought it for W 650.Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) If you have Saddlebag Support, you can install it without problems.However, I think it is difficult to install Seat from above from Seat rail.Size is just right, I think that it is a good product that can easily load up the load.We are looki...

EASYRIDERS Diagonal Saddlebag for SPORTSTER

I installed it on 2006 xl 1200r.You can refresh it by looking.However, the installation position etc. are not described in Instruction Manual.I installed it while referring to the image of the one attached with Net.It may be good to install it to the car body so it may be better if you are concerned...

EASYRIDERS Rigid Saddlebag A Natural

I aimed for a simple style, I was searching for a compact Bag.ETC, Cigar charger also in this.I also purchased a Drink holder together, but Passenger peg abandoned me out of the way.Incidentally, Bae Wei was the lowest price within the range examined.I am looking forward to becoming an American colo...

EASYRIDERS Saddlebag W-3

The price is reasonable. Unless it is sold out, the price is high texture.Buckle is not One-touch, there is no Zipper in the luggage compartment, so if you emphasize functionality, I think that Side bag such as Nylon is good..It is good for similar people who want to use it for rough, like the same ...


Wye Big's item description "04up" It is, but correctly "94 up" Please be aware that it is a mistake. I was able to install it in our 01 year MODEL XL 883. Tricks are hard to understand with Small paper. Long and short Quantity : Belt of 2pc is attached, but there is no explan...

EASYRIDERS Rigid Saddlebag A Natural

The STEED400 was attached and used.
Although it considered, it depended and it was smallish touch, this was just fit when equipped.
It is a moderate size which is not asserted.
If I want you to become amber early [ ], it watches every day....

EASYRIDERS Army Style Saddlebag Single Brown

Since it interfered in the blinker when attached to the tandem grip, the sheet was removed and it attached to the frame. It is enough, and also during operation, the size of a bag does not necessarily touch a guide peg, either and is comfortable. Appearance is also satisfactory.

EASYRIDERS Saddlebag W-1

A design is pleasing and purchases. Although a lot can seldom be stacked, it is good at little shopping and storage of rain gear. Sas's interference and interference of the muffler have also been attached satisfactorily. The purchase of back support is required. A little, since it is soft, leather ?...

EASYRIDERS Stock Style Double Saddle Bag Black

The bag itself was easy-to-use and it found it useful from long touring with many loads considerably to shopping to the neighborhood in the size exactly good for throwing in rain gear, a tool, etc. However, he was the desperado 400, and after the string and the rear seat lower part which connect the...

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