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KITACO Handles & Control Parts

Ranked 8 of 533 brands  in Handles & Control Parts
(254 Customer Reviews)
Very good
Official Site

KITACO is a brand that releases a wide variety of items mainly of 4MINI parts. They release many products essential for exhaust gasket and others of almost all vehicles.

KITACO Clutch Cable

Even if Clutch adjustment, Cable adjustment, operation Feel and GEAR entering is not so good, we exchanged.KITACO Clutch Cable attached in the previous Motorcycle.Cost I liked it low, so I did it this time as well.Impression after trial run, Lever operation is also light, GEAR entrance is also nice ...

KITACO Brake/Clutch Long lever (pair)

I was using Makekawa's general-purpose drum brake lever assembly and tried to purchase it with a single lever because the lever was damaged by falling, but unfortunately at Mukawa ___ ___ 0. Lever Assy made by Kitako has a lever for repairing properly (Moreover, you can choose short and long, co...

KITACO Super Throttle (STH-3)

For Choi ride, running through the streetsBecause I do not do full-open running or saying this, I can not feel the difference with OEM so much.It may be easier to start running.It was my first Handlebar exchange, but it was really easy.Included Parts : Rubber had a slip stop ThornThorn and was a bit...

KITACO Brace Barpad

Purchase with PetitCustomMany of HandlebarBad are colorful, but there are no other Camouflage patterns like thisIf possible, it's fun to have Brown and Blue Camouflage patterns and Digital Camouflage..

KITACO Super Throttle Set (STH-2)

It is a pleasure to be High Solo at this price. Although it may not be an enemy to a genuine expensive thing, I think that it is perfect for a vehicle of NORMAL + α. Even if you let other people ride, it changes to be told that it is made up of High Solo?.

KITACO Short Rich Lever Set

I attached it to my wife's Motorcycle.I switched to Lever here for OEMLever to slide a little farther.Lever changes only a few centimeters, but it is considerably different so it has become much easier.Lever itself is a rounded part of the OEM becoming somewhat angular and it looks quite differe...

KITACO Clutch Cable

As I received it yesterday, today I installed it immediately.Installation is very simple as it is MONKEY, If there is ten minutes of things, can we make adjustments?Removing the cable before replacement, the movement of Wire is very reluctant,After the exchange, it became the lightness of surprise.E...

KITACO Knuckle Guard

i can receive the items after i ordered within 4 days.
it's very practical item. it is also a good looking product.
it is worth to buy for brand new forza!

KITACO Super Throttle Set (STH-4)

Throttle operation will be easier a little because the wire winding amount increases compared to OEMI did not become High Solo than I thought (; ___ 1)Still considering the price is a good product !!

KITACO Super Throttle Pipe

It also fits ZOOMER-X. Until now I had to grasp Axel full throttle, but I will be able to do it only once with High Solo.

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