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KITACO Frames / Protections

Ranked 7 of 378 brands  in Frames / Protections
(98 Customer Reviews)
Very good
Official Site

KITACO is a brand that releases a wide variety of items mainly of 4MINI parts. They release many products essential for exhaust gasket and others of almost all vehicles.

KITACO Skid Plate

Since it seems that Flat forest road degree will go to Grom in the future, I bought it if I could protect Engine from Small stones and Small branches that Front tire winds up.Try it ... Guard I feel like this is a performance.There is an omission in the Plate of the Front part, so I wish to put it i...

KITACO Engine Guard

I just got and installed this, and boy was it different. First you have to think about the exhaust screws and how to get them off; they were on super tight and had to get a allen wrench ratchet just to remove the exhaust pipe. The engine guard went on really easy after that and had no problem. Just ...

KITACO Mini Front Fork Guard

When purchasing XT, Ale? Recent Yamaha cars were found if I was looking for something different that I thought that Fork Guard was on even On car.For Minimoto ?, the price is also cheap and I tried buying it at all.If it matches only Fork size, match the length of Rubber, winding in Fork with Body, ...

KITACO Side Stand

I installed it on the LIVE DIO but it was unexpectedly easy to install.Because it was hard to do with the attached Gold Noko, it was easy to disconnect with the Gold Noko with the possession purchased with 100 yen Shop.

KITACO Side Stand

This side stand is very nice.the colour also is great.full chrome.it fits well with af28.the price also competative.i like this side stand.great to recomend this stand

KITACO Mini Front Fork Guard

I do not know the honest effect.Since installation can be done as long as 10 minutes, it may be good to keep cars that Fork Guard is not holding for the time being.

KITACO Mini Front Fork Guard

I thought that the texture is better than the image looking at the actual thing.Easy as installation is also fixed with Tie WrapI am satisfied because the Inner Tube Damage is suppressed and the appearance is also modern.I will recommend my friend this time.

KITACO Side Stand Switch Canceller

ADDRESS V 125 G not in the conformance table (K7) But I could use it without problem.Because the position of the Connector is different for each car model, you have to investigate yourself.

KITACO Side Stand Switch Canceller

Although it is a simple part, it is easy to do something because it is multiplied by Side Stand in the Idling state when installed.It is this evaluation because it is Level which I can make yourself even by myself.

KITACO Radiator Guard

Installation Mounting according to the instruction manual Large strange.First of all, there are many screws. It was easy to remove Cowl's fit, but it is more forceful to take out the Under Cowl from the car body than there is no space with the front wheels. If you do not care much about it, it w...

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