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K-FACTORY Frames / Protections

Ranked 8 of 378 brands  in Frames / Protections
(91 Customer Reviews)
Very good
Official Site

K-Factory is a brand specialized in stainless and titanium hand bending mufflers. They first released well-known full titanium exhaust Quattro silencer and has been developing innovative and original exhaust system.

K-FACTORY Radiator Core Guard

Z900RS, although it is still delivered, since I want to install it from the time of new car I bought it in advanceThere are Small Sudo Anti-vibration Rubber at 6 places, but since it is not so intimidating, shock resistant Tape yourself (Originally reinforced Seat of License Plate) I pasted all over...

K-FACTORY Front Axle Slider

It installed in 06 MODEL of CBR 1000 RR.Since I was also wearing the same Axle Slider in the CB 400 SF that I was riding the previous time, I bought 06-07 for car type, MODEL exclusively but this time Bolt on the Brake side is long! It happened to have a short Bolt on hand I was disappointed with Ma...

K-FACTORY Front Axle Slider

There are various Manufacturers but I adopted it with price and appearance. Although I do not know the performance unless I do it in practice, I do not want to take care of this Slider.

K-FACTORY Front Axle Slider

Easy to install and easy to install and purchased for slight reduction of Damage when falling down. I am praying that I do not have topple yet and I do not need to use it for the moment.

K-FACTORY Engine Cover Slider

GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA has less bank angle, Circuit run etc etc. Since it rubs Generator cover, it is installed as a measure. Installation can be easily installed by anyone who can handle tools normally with Bolt-on. Products that are not too conspicuous but can fully expect functions as Sliders

K-FACTORY Down Tube Kit

Although it can be useless to remove the radiator and the muffler at the time of installation... When installing according to the attached instructions and tightening the bolt each time, the bolt does not enter in the next procedure, so after replacing with the genuine down tube, after inserting all...

K-FACTORY Front Axle Slider

Although it was said to be for 06-08 year type, I purchased it for 14 year model because Axle Shaft and ProductNo of Front fork are the sameAlthough the installation direction was reversed from the instruction manual, the installation itself was made without any problem

K-FACTORY Engine Cover Slider

Although it is said that 1 pc each Bolt should be removed and exchanged, but since it was impossible to exchange at 3 places with Rose Rose, we removed and removed 3 at the same time.Be careful as it may cause burns if you do not do it in the state that the Engine is cold during replacement.If you t...

K-FACTORY Front Axle Slider

OHLINS Rewinded to erect, standing upside down history is Zero but installed as insurance.I am satisfied with the product, but as long as it is erect Fork 【Idyllic】 I feel it..The Gold color Fork itself is tough, but the one attached to the Inverted Front Fork fits neatly.

K-FACTORY Front Axle Slider

I installed it in the 2008 formula CB 400 SB.CB 400 SB is a car body with luxury feeling for each PartsFront axle Only around was feeling crappy one more time.This time I installed Slider in Front axleI tried to aim for luxury feeling Up.Gold and Black Contrast,Match with the color of SUNSTAR's ...

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