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K-FACTORY Exhausts

Ranked 17 of 457 brands  in Exhausts
(73 Customer Reviews)
Very good
Official Site

K-Factory is a brand specialized in stainless and titanium hand bending mufflers. They first released well-known full titanium exhaust Quattro silencer and has been developing innovative and original exhaust system.

K-FACTORY STP Slip-on Silencer/MotoGP Short Taper

The texture is fluffy - fake, welding is also beautiful.Sound is also slightly bigger than NORMAL, you can warm with confidence without being too noisy.Performance is Slip-on Silencer - Because it is Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence, it is moderate.Slip-on Silencer makes it easy to install...

K-FACTORY CLR Exhaust Pipe Single Item

It's Titanium and it's so light.Looking at this product in the image, a very thick Exhaust pipeAlthough it looks very lively, it actually wearsWhen I try it I feel just fine.Spring and Flange are includedBecause O2 Sensor 's Bolt was sold separately,Carburetor Vehicles should think that ...

K-FACTORY CSR Full Exhaust System

product in good quality, easy fitment, looks exactly same as picture.
only issue I got is the short pipe which fit between 2 exhaust, it's about the same diameter as the exhaust, really tight to fit in.
It seems working fine without the short pipe which I didn't installed, can't feel much diff...

K-FACTORY Diablo Round Silencer (Vertical Hook)

【What made you decide the purchase?】Silencer of 4-2-1 Exhaust System which I used to love for many years aged and there was also a falling wound, so when trying to ask Repair to the manufacturer according to the opportunity to Refresh & Custom cars it is impossible as it is already finished manu...

K-FACTORY FRC Stainless Full Exhaust System

Hand Bent late 90's in the heyday. Striker, babyface, Nojima, Craze, etc.. It was a wonderful bending and finishing, Kaifaku probably did not leak out Quality. But why did you buy this time Why is the welding of Exhaust pipe gathering part and Exhaust pipe connecting part Morimori, it is defecti...

K-FACTORY CLR-R Full Exhaust Pipe (Pipe only)

I had a hard time attaching precision with attachment,The attachment part of the taper Pipe is loose and the exhaust leaks a little,The price is cheap because there is no Silencer,It looks nice Parenthesis.

K-FACTORY CSR Full Exhaust System

The K-FACTORY CSR is exactly what I was looking for. Reminiscent design of 1980's Superbikes
Looks just right on the retro styled ZRX. Quality and fit is great and performance is superb. Exhaust note is just right with open baffle and tuned carbs with pods.

K-FACTORY Slip-on Silencer Double

I selected Slip-on Silencer's Exhaust System.OEMExhaust pipe also seems not to be making bad ...Firstly, as compared with OEMSilencer, it became lighter, so Balance has changed considerably.It is a little heavy impression, it will be a problem of familiarity.The handling became much easier than ...

K-FACTORY FRC Stainless Full Exhaust System

There was also a little uneasy about the price, but it was easy to install.However, it was hard to remove the OEMExhaust System.Volume was quite Large, but it is okay even if it gets a little Large.

K-FACTORY CSR Full Exhaust System

I like Straight muffler, but because I did not have a product for RS I bought for CB 1100. Shift the Bracket of Exhaust End about 5 cm (Cut and re-welded) Just did not interfere with Swingarm, but it got a patch. I remembered the old days, I was a little excited and I enjoyed it.

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