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KITACO Engine Parts

Ranked 4 of 636 brands  in Engine Parts
(679 Customer Reviews)
Very good
Official Site

KITACO is a brand that releases a wide variety of items mainly of 4MINI parts. They release many products essential for exhaust gasket and others of almost all vehicles.

KITACO LIGHT Bore Up Kit (82cc)

I opened the 4th Engine for the first time.It was a long-established store truly made it possible to organize it with confidence!I think that it is good to refer to KITACO's cheat sheet or Net movie for the first time.

KITACO Hyper Piston Kit

Response is bad, Torque feeling also does not have high revolution I wanted to buy it.Because it is an air-cooled single cylinder, it can be exchanged without using a lot of tools, but I think that it is difficult to understand a bit with the instruction manual alone. I think that you can do it easi...

KITACO Supper Oil Pump Kit

This Kitaco supper oil pump is essential for big bore kit and oil cooler kit, because it increase oil flow to support them. It easy to install.

KITACO Power Rev 2

ตัวกล่องควบคุมระบบไฟ จาก Kitaco สามารถใส่ได้ทั้ง KLX110 และ KSR110 และ KSRPro
ตัวกล่องสามารถจ่ายไฟได้ดีและค่อนข้างสเถียรมาก สำหรับรถที่ถูก Modified มา หรือยังไม่ถูก Modified ก็ได้
ตัวกล่อง ไม่สามารถ Tune Up ได้เพิ่มอีก
The Kitaco power supply unit is available in both KLX110 and KSR110 and KSRP...

KITACO Piston Kit (for Bore Up)

I am happy that Piston Pin's Stopper looks like an OEM and it's easy to install and remove.Next time I would like you to think about removing.I am a bit worried that Piston ring is 1 pc.The rest is generally satisfying..

KITACO Super Fuel Hose Set

I don't like black rubber hose in the market.
I can see dirt in fuel system. It beautiful and is not that expensive. Easy to install. I like hose color. thank you.

KITACO Light Carburetor Kit Keihin PC Φ20

I installed it in LITTLE CUB 88cc Bore up. Normal air cleaner box can be used. Main jet comes with 85, but Filter is removed, so it looks somewhat diluted as it is (Burning of Plug is like White) Because of that, Main jet is changing to 90, surely power up, 25% up

KITACO Repair Parts for PWK28/M Carburetor

Throttle sticking arose on the SEROW 225 and got a Hard Type earlier but it was too hard and my arm got tired so I changed my arm to Medium and my arm got easier and there was no sticking Large I am delighted I will. Incidentally, with NORMAL set at 100, Medium had a number of 150 Hard and 300 was w...

KITACO Big Carburetor Kit MIKUNI VM Φ20

Super fast shiiping, got to California in 4 days!
Carb was pre-tuned from the factory, so I don't have to do too much tuning.
I will be ordering again.

KITACO Air Element

Wae Big itself ships without shipping the product, so if you purchase 4 items, there are 2 items that are not included and can not be trusted, even if it is cheap, it makes no sense if it does not have a product

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