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Peyton Place Electrical

Ranked 63 of 554 brands  in Electrical
(16 Customer Reviews)
Very good
Official Site

More than 25 years, PEYTON PLACE has been specialized in creating customized cafe racer style including SR400, 500, KAWASAKI W series, HONDA GB250 and SUZUKI Tempter. They offer superior and sophisticated customization parts.

Peyton Place Auckland Type/Stainless Headlight Bra...

헤드라이트커버를 데이토나 루카스 커버로 변경하려고 브라켓을 구입하였습니다. 튼튼하고 품질이 우수하며 스테인레스 재질이기 때문에 녹이 슬지 않을 거 같습니다. 하지만 35mm 에 맞는 제품인데도 조금 헐렁합니다. 연결할 때 꽉 조여야 할 거 같습니다. 아직 설치 전입니다.
purchased the bracket to change the headlight cover to the Daytona Lucas cover. Durable, high quality and stainless steel materials are not rust-...

Peyton Place LUCAS Type/Headlight Case

I do not want to feel high. Sometimes our car is an Injection car, and storage of Wiring is really hard. However, the feeling that I installed is indeed Large satisfied as I was in Image ♪

Peyton Place LUCAS Type/Headlight Case

It is slightly higher than Case of a certain ManufacturerPurchase because I wanted a product without Screw at the top of the head (Contamination, considering the penetration of water)I tried it in a way that puts all Wiring in one place as it is amateur.● In your own environment, if you have Rubber ...

Peyton Place Auckland Type/Stainless Headlight Bra...

WM's Bracket is exchanging for this item.It looks better and Headlight can protrude slightly forward.However, Bolt and Za Gold at the time of installation exchanged for CapBottle cheaply for the price.

Peyton Place Auckland Type/Stainless Headlight Bra...

I bought it with the company's Headlight case.I got Shop to do all the installation at once.Because it is OEM's Meter, it was not possible to do LightUp much, but Position was a little more forward than Refreshing OEM.I think that it is Simple and Stylish Bracket.

Peyton Place LUCAS Type/Headlight Case

I bought it at the same time as the company's Light Bracket.Because I am not good at Wiring relationship, I installed it at Shop.After all, Connectoretc. Although it is Large strange that it is Large strange, as around Refreshing around the Light, there is also a sense of luxury, and I am satisf...

Peyton Place Main Key/Harness

The time and effort of wiring which must carry out a Main-key move and must be extended is solved now simply.
Is this price however high only at wiring?

Peyton Place Auckland Type/Stainless Headlight Bra...

The Blinker was transferred beside the Stainless, and since the great deficit which opened in the pure Headlight stay was disagreeable, the goods here were purchased.
Although the direction besides > is written, in order that there may be no instruction manual, the attaching direction of goods is ...

Peyton Place LUCAS Type/Headlight Case

It changed from the Normal headlight of SR400.
Putting wiring into a Case suffered troubles as the Impression besides very much.
The one where a back round hole is larger thinks that it is good.
type is as expected and it satisfied it very much....

Peyton Place Auckland Type/Stainless Headlight Bra...

It purchased together with the Case of a Lucas type.
Although it was satisfied, in order that type might not have a description of attachment, it ended up the upper and lower sides of attachment not understanding, but trying repeatedly, and was troublesome.
The affinity with the Case of the Lucas...

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