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K-FACTORY Drive Parts

Ranked 40 of 364 brands  in Drive Parts
(19 Customer Reviews)
Very good
Official Site

K-Factory is a brand specialized in stainless and titanium hand bending mufflers. They first released well-known full titanium exhaust Quattro silencer and has been developing innovative and original exhaust system.

K-FACTORY Clutch Release K Type

I tried to introduce it because it was touching that Clutch became lighter.Installation was able to be done without problems, but in the case of ZZr 1200 the air bleed Valve will be opposite to OEM so it may affect OEM's HoseLine.(We changed at the same time to the outside Stainless hose for jus...

K-FACTORY Clutch Link Lever

To be honest, I did not expect so much, but it was a surprise result.Lever also exchanged together, so I do not know if it is synergistic, but veryIt got lighter.. Because RR, XR also have Quick shifterEven those who say that they do not use Clutch too much have never been lighter.But, with a feelin...

K-FACTORY Clutch Release B Type

Arm was turned into a bad guy by Clutch operation at long distance TouringI was considering a radiopon but to Motorcycle shopThere is such a thing but I was taught,As I tried putting it in as cheaper than introducing Rapon,Clutch became lighter by 30% by bodily sensation.Although it seems that effec...

K-FACTORY Clutch Release K Type

ZrX 1200 DAEG's super heavy hydraulic clutch damaged his wrist and purchased it because he was concerned about long-distance touring, but he bought it for sure, but it is quite easy.Since there is a 10% reduction in A Type, I think that Type K which made Piston Large is more than that.I feel lik...

K-FACTORY Clutch Release A Type

Recent SS is Wire clutch, but it is light, (Depending on the type of car)A little older Large Motorcycle is heavy in Wire when operating a powerful Clutch, so is oil pressure used?Hydraulic pressure was used to produce a sense of quality?Even so, it is heavy! There is also a habit of being a unique ...

K-FACTORY Clutch Link Lever

As also in the WebPage of the product, I attach it to S1000R of 2014 without problems. Installation is simple. Remove Screw with T20 Torque and remove Cowl with T25 Torque (In case of S1000R you can turn it with Ratchet with Extension bar if you remove 1 Torque stopping the Cowl shown in the image. ...

K-FACTORY Clutch Release E Type

There is a lot of Clutch operation times when starting at Noronoro with traffic jam, 2 - If traffic jams continue for 30 minutes or even 1 hour, grip strength will be gone and nightmare condition - - - -So we replaced it to improve this pain even a little.As a result of replacing the evaluation as a...

K-FACTORY Clutch Release B Type

Although I thought about what kind of thing or not even if it got 10% lighter, it was not 10% farewell! I installed it on the current GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA, but even my own grip strength about 50 got lighter as the finger 1 pc cut off About 500 Km TouringWhen I went to Left arm became painful and it h...

K-FACTORY Clutch Release B Type

I installed it aiming for a synergistic effect with Brembo master.Clitch can no longer run at Billet Master, which was initially installed, so we added Spec. Changed to be able to close Clutch.(The adjustment range is nearly the end.. )The effect is more than expected. (Reduction by more than 30% of...

K-FACTORY Clutch Release B Type

Well, GSX1300R HAYABUSA 's Clutch is a cheapest one, but I wanted to try it but I bought it. I do not have confidence and I asked Shop.The effect is more than I expected.Manufacturer has a 10 percent mitigation, but more than that. It seems that the movement is even smoother, feels as light as a...

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