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Very good

Bagus! means "Best" in Indonesian language. True to the word, our concept is that we provide all the customers "BEST" life with motorcycle. We offer various services from customization, fixing to vehicle inspection. Please come and visit us if you like motorcycle.

Bagus! Motor cycle Integrated Type Fender Eliminat...

Material : It is lightweight due to Aluminum and is also beautiful in appearance. If you do install according to instruction manual you can do it without problems. Because it is an integral type, I will refresh its appearance after installation, and the space under Seat will become wider, so I impro...

Bagus! Motor cycle Pre-coat Bolt for Head Oil Leak...

One year has passed since we started using it.For now Oil bleed etc. etc. There is none. Oil bleeding from the under hole of Initial ModelHead which had been plagued for many years was easily stopped, so I am satisfied with Large change.It is an atmosphere that it is likely to have until you open th...

Bagus! Motor cycle Aluminum Seat Lock PLUS for GPZ...

First thing that the item arrived the next day I orderedI am surprised!We appreciate prompt shipment by Wei Big.Well, although it is a product, OEM's Material : PlasticCylinderBecause it was a state that it did not become usable by hanging,I exchanged work in the same way.WhiteBlack, but a manua...

Bagus! Motor cycle Aluminum Seat Lock Plus for ZEP...

Seat lock started playing, so I replaced it for this part.AluminumSeat lock "Plus" in addition to conventional aluminum parts,Material to be installed on the lock bar side : Spec attached with Plastic's Joint. It seems.【appearance】At first glance I was surprised by the processing accur...

Bagus! Motor cycle Integrated Type Fender Eliminat...

Also easy to understand Instruction Manual is included, even amateur myself can be easily installed, installation accuracy, texture, shape, cospa is very good making as anything is satisfied Large as a product.However, although it is hard to understand with this image, I felt that the feeling of Lic...

Bagus! Motor cycle Aluminum Seat Lock Plus for ZEP...

Is good. OEM cracked and it was saved by this product.It's still better if the price is a bit cheaper!The OEM is broken soon, is not it.If you do not have this, it is Large strange to get on for a long time.It was good.

Bagus! Motor cycle Gloves Compartment Plate

The installation itself is a bit of HarnessIt may be necessary to change the handling of BreatherStill BoltQuantity : I just add 2pc and remove it soon.Even if maintenance is bad, it will be worse but it is very convenient even just this one.Because the thickness of Aluminum is also soTool etc. Even...

Bagus! Motor cycle Aluminum Seat Lock Plus for ZEP...

Because the SeatLock cylinder breaks, it seems to be a part of Cut-out by measures against it.I am very satisfied with making it very much.I have also conveyed that the Instruction Manual also makes it easy to understand with photographs.However, there was one place where the photograph is difficult...

Bagus! Motor cycle Pre-coat Bolt for Head Oil Leak...

If you thought about giving up, this kind of thing from Mr. GOOSE. So far Gasetc. Although I tried variously, the Oil bleeding from the preliminary hole which is Penetrating for some reason did not stop. I tried using Bolt here and it stopped just fine. How long is the durability after that?.

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