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Ranked 19 of119 Brands in KAWASAKI KLX125
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DELTA exhaust has realized high efficiency to endure a race use. The much lighter finishing and more compact design compared to the genuine one can meet the required performance for off-road motorcycles.

DELTA Barrel 4-S (JMCA) Silencer

Installation is easy, but Silencer seemed to hit Side cover.Although I saw the other person's imprint when I saw it, we did not process it especially because it was not hit by Limit.The sound quality is the sound of the Large finger because it clears the JMCA standard.

DELTA Barrel 4-S (JMCA) Silencer

Performance is satisfied with the feeling that the upper part improved from the middle rotation region at the same time with Torque head pipe.Sound sounds good, Gentle feeling Large tight sound.For those who do not want to see it in the sightseeing spot with white eyes it is a good Exhaust System.Bu...

DELTA Barrel 4-S (JMCA) Silencer

I like the design, I bought it with reference to the impression. I forgot to purchase a joint gasket and I got to buy it at a later date. (It was like special material and reuse was impossible. Please be sure to purchase simultaneous purchase. Installation was easy, but hole for fixation on the sile...

DELTA Barrel 4-S (JMCA) Silencer

Attached to KLX 125.<Good point>- I was able to install without strange gaps and uncomfortable feeling due to Fit feel like OEM.- Net is a light sound when listening to the sound of Sample, but it is a good reverberation when actually driving and driving, especially if you SHIFT UP earlier and...

DELTA Torque Head Pipe

After all, because the exhaust pipe of the OEM Product is unpleasant for rusting with iron, I exchanged it with Stainless made by Delta. Gasket select OEM, easy to install. I finished tightening with the designated Torque and it ended quickly. In the manual, it was stated that removing the Right Sid...

DELTA Barrel 4 Silencer

When purchasing KLX125, the OEMExhaust System was exchanged to Barrel 4 as it was quiet enough to worry that the Engine is hanging.Making detailsAs I removed it when installing Front pipe, I thought it was a very good Exhaust System.Bracket's welding was beautifully done and it was able to be in...

DELTA Barrel 4-S (JMCA) Silencer

Good finish, fantastic sound, and performance improvement.
Now need to change the Rear Sprocket to get better performance

DELTA Barrel 4-S (JMCA) Silencer

Although he thinks that it is slightly noisy because of an Idol Up at the time of start up, it is only then.
It changes to a good sound awfully at the time of acceleration! I am serious.

DELTA Torque Head Pipe

It is in play [ in D-TRACKER 125 ].
Structure of the products and appearance finishing are good.
Per 3000 to 4000 rotations is a grade called kana ? which became fine a little efficiently.
If it is the Dress-up purpose up, we can recommend you perfectly, but it will be disappointed if excessive...

DELTA Torque Head Pipe

Barrel 4-S is attached from the first, and he would like to also change an Exhaust pipe soon and it purchases.
Attachment was completed very simply.
A Gasket is reused as it is.
Since the Heat protector was not attached, the Z-Carbon EX Pipe Guard (for KLX125) was attached by the Z-CARBON EX Pi...

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