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Ranked 4 of95 Brands in KAWASAKI KLX110
Official Site

KITACO is a brand that releases a wide variety of items mainly of 4MINI parts. They release many products essential for exhaust gasket and others of almost all vehicles.

KITACO Power Rev 2

ตัวกล่องควบคุมระบบไฟ จาก Kitaco สามารถใส่ได้ทั้ง KLX110 และ KSR110 และ KSRPro
ตัวกล่องสามารถจ่ายไฟได้ดีและค่อนข้างสเถียรมาก สำหรับรถที่ถูก Modified มา หรือยังไม่ถูก Modified ก็ได้
ตัวกล่อง ไม่สามารถ Tune Up ได้เพิ่มอีก
The Kitaco power supply unit is available in both KLX110 and KSR110 and KSRP...

KITACO Exhaust System Exhaust Gasket (1 Set of 2pc...

Maintenanceetc. In order to remove Exhaust pipe, we always replace Gasket.The price is also cheap, and Quantity : 1 Set of 2pcs. So it is useful.

KITACO Driven Sprocket (Rear)

This is my first time using webike as a resource for my kawasaki z125 motorcycle parts, I was having trouble finding good quality parts anywhere for the z125 here in the united states of america, I am happy to say that I found the webike website the site is very well laid out and easy to navigate th...

KITACO Drive Sprocket (Front)

Fee Ring got better. Cost performance is also good, I am satisfied. Regarding durability, it has not been evaluated since it is just installed.

KITACO Driven Sprocket (Rear)

Fee Ring got better. Cost performance is also good, I am satisfied. Regarding durability, it has not been evaluated since it is just installed.

KITACO Exhaust System Exhaust Gasket (1 Set of 2pc...

Simultaneous purchase when exchanging from Normal muffler to SP Tadao's Exhaust System.Quantity at this price : 1 Set of 2pcs. It is profitable d (^-^)One is to reserve for preservation, or to be a safe reserve at the time of installation failure!Exhaust System Replacing person and periodic clea...

KITACO Exhaust System Exhaust Gasket (1 Set of 2pc...

I always exchange Gasket when exhaust system is exchanged, so I always use this cheap commodity.There has never been a problem such as omission of waste.

KITACO High Geared Clutch Outer Kit

I was using a Takegawa 6 disc clutch basket before. The ratio of the kitako is much highe and thought to give it a try. It is a perfect match for my Kitaco and Takegawa 2V head. The engine is more relaxed and starting my engine is a bit easier due to the high gear parameters of the basket. hope that...

KITACO Titanium Nut

This time I used it together with Lightweight Camshaft Sprocket. Used Head is CUB 100 THAI 100 EX with J * N 105 cCam's 97 cc + PC 20 revision. It is designed to turn to high rotation with Cam effect. Weight reduction of rotating parts will work. This time it is only Titanium nut. As for weight,...

KITACO Shock Absorber

Originally for KidsMotorcycle, KLX 110 is a large person Spec. I selected this product to be. In the explanation of the product, nothing was written, but in the Instruction Manual that was bundled, "Weighs up to 55 kg" or, "It is not suitable for heavy off-road driving" And it wa...

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