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Displacement 49 Engine Type Water-cooled/4-stroke/OHC/Single Cylinder
Maximum Output (ps) 4.2PS/8,500rpm Maximum Torque (kgf/m) 0.41kgf・m/5,500rpm
Vehicle Weight (Dry Weight) - Fuel Tank Capacity liter 4.8

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) Brake Adjust ...

The point that the adjustment becomes easy is the charm of the most Large.However, Material is Aluminum, Tension'sWhen turning in the state it took, the mountain of the detent is crushed,I am going to be unable to fix the position.Also, I stepped into Brake, when it was FreeSince it is a part wh...

MADMAX Round Type Mini Blinker 2 Pieces Set

I bought 2 sets of mini-blinkers Madmax, which means 4 Pcs. in total. I got the package and was very satisfied what I got - good handcrafted products. They are of course not ideal for such a price, but functional and for me very important - very light in comparison to the original blinkers. Approxim...

DENSO Iridium Racing Plug IU01-27

일단 배송에 대한 칭찬부터 하고 싶군요.
요 작은 녀석이 배송되기 위해 매우 튼튼한 박스에 담겨 왔습니다.
또한 작은 충격방지용 신문지들에 둘러 쌓여,
처음에는 어디 있는지 유심히 찾아봐야했죠....

NGK Iridium Plug CR8EHIX-9 3148

In my case that running is not turning much Large people on public roads. Windshield IRIDIUM goes through the fog at Gasoline, it does not live, it does not live, it does not ignite properly. It turns out at the time of vehicle inspection and maintenance.OEM's NORMAL seems to be better. I unders...

Rin Parts LED Corresponding Blinker Relay Ver.2

Although the initial defective item arrived but I could not exchange it but I was waiting for another order.Although installation was easy work, it was able to be ordinary but since it was an initial defective item it does not flash, so I wish to exchange it - - - I bought it because the shape was t...

NGK Power Cable (Plug Code)

Previously I used Posh 's thing, but unfortunately the gold in the part to plug in the plug was crashed and replaced. This time I made it to NGK. Since this Cable has been used for other Motorcycle before, it is safe.

MADMAX Universal Round Mirror

Because I wanted a Mirror of Mini bike so I purchased it from Wa Big Mr. Wig was uneasy for Large because I was not looking at the real thing but it was good at Don Pissha, it can be used functionally without any problems I am in. When this becomes useless, I think I will buy a movable Mirror next t...

Rin Parts PH7 Halogen Headlight Lamp

What I bought for the first time is running out in two months and I say to myself that it was Hapap and saying that it will be over in one and a half months of what I purchased additionally - - -Cost performance is the best, but this product is tough - - -

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) Brake Adjust ...

It is very beautiful addition to your drum brake. Easy to adjust and quick to install. Not sure how durable it will be. But it is very cheap so no complaint.

Hunter Super White PH7 Headlight Bulb

The picture is difficult to understand, the compatible model is written as YB - 1 and when you purchase it is yourself riding YB - 1 four did not fit and opened so you can not return it!

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