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Ranked 2 of171 Brands in HONDA MONKEY
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KITACO is a brand that releases a wide variety of items mainly of 4MINI parts. They release many products essential for exhaust gasket and others of almost all vehicles.

KITACO Big Carburetor Kit MIKUNI VM Φ26

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Required- Cheap compared with other company's VM 26.There were also cheaper ones, but I was worried so I made it to KITACO.【How was it actually used?】 Required- I used it for MONKEY 2007 year Carburetor Vehicles. Breathing will take place at 5500 to 6000 rpm....

KITACO Catalogue (MONKEY SERIES ENGINE) Vol.4 for ...

Watch local MotorcyclePartsShop selling at fixed prices, buy from hereOrder together with various things, shipping fee is free, reasonable priceFor the day we can open the Engine, it is preparation of knowledge.

KITACO Aluminum Wheel Introductory Set (Standard &...

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Required- Tire I was curious about (DURO) There was a sense of shopping as it became a set.- MONKEYOEMTire is about to reach the limit so I wanted to manage the running noise of the bucket tie.【How was it actually used?】 Required- The finish of Wheel is preeminen...

KITACO Dowel Pin Set

I used it for MAGNA 50I decided to order at another engine by sticking at the time of Bore up and leaving it without coming offIt was a correct answer again by simultaneous purchase.Let's refresh so there is not a chance to Rose

KITACO Super Throttle (STH-3)

For Choi ride, running through the streetsBecause I do not do full-open running or saying this, I can not feel the difference with OEM so much.It may be easier to start running.It was my first Handlebar exchange, but it was really easy.Included Parts : Rubber had a slip stop ThornThorn and was a bit...

KITACO Front Fender Adapter

Very nice product. Great looking.
They fit perfectly My Z50 J Honda Monkey.
Just recommend this item everyone Monkeybike owners.
Best regards.

KITACO Drive Sprocket (Front)

I used KITACO's Drive sprocket for MONKEY before, so I bought it again this time.Life was also long in Sale so buy it cheaply Large satisfied ( ´∀`)

KITACO 8-inch Aluminum Wheel Set (Standard)

KITACO's Aluminum Wheel is inexpensive compared to other companies Accuracy of the spot is also satisfying and satisfying It's like I seem to have increased the color I wish I would like to make it Tubeless next time

KITACO Clutch Cable

As I received it yesterday, today I installed it immediately.Installation is very simple as it is MONKEY, If there is ten minutes of things, can we make adjustments?Removing the cable before replacement, the movement of Wire is very reluctant,After the exchange, it became the lightness of surprise.E...

KITACO 88cc NEW STD Bore Up Kit

【Vehicle type】Corner eye with GIORCUBEngine CHALY【Purpose of purchase】Because KITACO 75? Light bore up kit was not satisfied【Reason for choosing this Kit】Compared to the other company's Head with Kit, it was cheaper by about 10,000 yenBecause other parts were also arranged at KITACO【Simultaneous...

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