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DAYTONA is one of the largest manufacturer and wholesaler in Japan. They support many riders by the parts fitting a variety of vehicles and the abundant touring items.

DAYTONA Special Air Breeder

The shape of the tip is slightly different from OEM. I feel a sense of incompatibility when I put on Rubber cap.Seal tape winds in the reverse direction, not in the tightening direction.Noticing that Brake fluid seeped out of Caliper's Air breederRust was amazing as I removed it. Indeed when I t...

DAYTONA Special Air Breeder

Noticing that Brake fluid seeped out of Caliper's Air breederRust was amazing as I removed it. Indeed when I thought this was dangerous, I found this productReplaced. As I wrote that the installation was to tighten Seal tape one half turn and tightenI rolled Emon's Seal tape. It looks more m...

DAYTONA Pro Brake Shoe

I feel that the effect of Front is improved compared to OEM. But Rear did not understand himself very well. The exchange was easy than I thought it was easy (If there is a maintenance manual, it will be a victory). I am happy with Cost, so I think that it is a good shopping.

DAYTONA Power Advance/Super High Speed Pulley & La...

I messed with NORMAL for the first time.It was Large strange that the Screw was cemented to the Pulley installation but it was easy to install if the hard Screw went off.Together with reinforcement Belt, 9. When I tried running with 5 g x 6 Weight, I got 55 km / The maximum speed which was h was 65 ...

DAYTONA Pro Brake Shoe

It is attached to the MONKEYFront side.Impression at about 2500 km after installation.Immediately after the exchange, because it is not hit, it is not much different from OEM. By the way, we did not do any chamfering or Slit processing at the time of installation.Spring installation method is differ...

DAYTONA Main Jet Set

Although updating to Big carburetor was also an option, Tuning of Normal cab was the best when considering running style, fuel consumption, etc.. Setting came out at No. 75.

DAYTONA Super High Speed Pulley & Lamp Plate Set

I have been using this Pulley for a long time and can install it with confidence. Also accelerate very well until you meter full

DAYTONA Pro Brake Shoe

Although it became a vehicle to shake off Meter, OEMPad was scared.Although it had already been installed in Front, this time it is installed with Rear tire exchange.Originally OEMRear drum was more effective than Front so there is no dramatic fee Ring as Front.Although it may not have atari yet wit...

DAYTONA High Speed Pulley

When I was a high school student I could not get out if I wanted it "DAYTONAHigh Speed ??Pulley".I was able to buy it when I became a Large person.Performance is better than expected.Acceleration performance is NORMAL same etc. The maximum speed has improved dramatically.I think that I was...

DAYTONA Pro Brake Shoe

Truly DAYTONA.It works well..But KITACO sells at half price so it is a little bad for COSPA.I would appreciate it if you can make it half price if possible.

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