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Ranked 14 of126 Brands in HONDA APE100
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DAYTONA is one of the largest manufacturer and wholesaler in Japan. They support many riders by the parts fitting a variety of vehicles and the abundant touring items.

DAYTONA Power Advanced Full Digital CDI

【What made you decide the purchase?】- I was concerned for a long time ago.- I want to manage my breath at 5500 to 6000 rpm- It was Sale..【How was it actually used?】 Required- MONKEY 2007 Carburetor VehiclesTakegawa 106cc + VM26 + Special clutch Electrical system NORMAL- ConfigurationIgnition charact...

DAYTONA Power Advanced Full Digital CDI

Engine is used in a high revolution area so purchase here to obtain stable ignition timing. CDI I used before (Variable type) Clearly more than 12000 strongly turns well when compared with (It is not translated 12000 times from wearing this CDI so do not misunderstand it).In addition, GEAR omission ...

DAYTONA PC20 Big Carburetor Kit (Standard Air Clea...

I purchased it as though it was Bore up to 115 cc.FCR Carburetor Body and TMRetc. Because I was not a high performance carburetor, I thought that there was not so much change so muchI did not expect it, but it seems that Torque has increased to some extent exactly.It is also unavoidable that the int...

DAYTONA Black Cover 2 Standard for Top Case Equipp...

It was Exactly to Honda GROM with SizeM.The price is slightly higher than other Cover, but I think that I was happy to buy.GROM does not have any luggage, so I purchased an OEM Carrier and attached a Seat bag to Carrier.In Bike Cover here, the Carrier part is excited, so even if Cover is hooked with...

DAYTONA Progress/Racing CDI

I heard that CDI was damaged as soon as a friend used CDI which can change the ignition timing arbitrarily by Digital, and the simple ignition timing of the circuit made it a fixed CDI. (Since Murokawa's SUPEROuter Rotor Kit is installed, the advance angle is adjusted here, although it is a comb...

DAYTONA Black Cover 2 Standard for Top Case Equipp...

Purchased by attracting the point that Cover can be used while wearing the Top case. I used it with the combination of 48 L Top case for LEAD 100.Size feeling was exactly good, but when Screen is attached to Front, FTire will be slightly exposed.Although it says flame retardancy, when Cover is appli...

DAYTONA Power Advanced Full Digital CDI

Until the CDI exchange, there was a valley at 7000 to 8000 revolutions, but the valley disappeared with STREET 2 setting after replacement, carburetor set Ing revised and up to 12000 blown up without Stress. (9000 to 12000 at a stretch)I did not expect to change so far by changing the retardation of...

DAYTONA Power Advanced Full Digital CDI

We are changing APE 100 with a thin Gasket, High-compression, XR80Cam, 24mm carburetor, Exhaust System.Because Tire makes Grip high and thick, Speed ??does not come out.I also feel sensitive to Throttle operation. There is also the impression that ignition will attach to Rose.But powerfulness appear...

DAYTONA Power Advanced Full Digital CDI

Engine is R-stage 106cc of Mukawa.CDI thought that the same Mukawa river was good I was wearing around 5,000 yen.6,000 km / H, but somehow I felt that there was a valley around the middle speed.Even Carburetor setting has no feeling "kore" the lastI decided to replace the CDI as a requesto...

DAYTONA Power Advanced Full Digital CDI

MONKEY installed,Until now I was using a cheap KITACO made but exchanged here,I tried it because I can switch ignition Timing but it is drastic change,Currently setting of STREET 2, but Large satisfied with the feeling of accelerating without Stress.

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