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  • NEW
    • YAMAHA XSR900
    posted May 16, 2018XSR-900
    By XSR900NZ (1)FromNew Zealand
    Love my Screen, Easy to fit, Looks rad! and half the price of other alternatives.
    I don't get any annoying wind buffering at all & did I say it Looks Rad :-)Read More
  • NEW
    • Others SUPER ADSISS I shield compatible MODEL ARAI
    • Others RX-7RR5 ARAI
    • Others RAPIDE-IR ARAI
    • Others QUANTUM-J ARAI
    • Others HR-MONO4 ARAI
    • ...and more.
    posted May 11, 2018A versatile sheild
    I've used the Proshade system on my RXQ, for about 3 years and will be coming up for a change, hence the purchase. They are very good and has the added side benefit if riding near dusk after the sun i...Read More
  • NEW
    posted May 1, 2018Super Easy to Install!
    By NO NAME (1)FromNew Zealand
    Really easy to install, which is handy if you don't want to take you bike in to a mechanic to get things fitted (see image to straight forward screw fittings to the fork). Another thing that's nice is...Read More
  • NEW
    posted Apr 25, 2018Caliper Piston Removal Tool
    Quality feels good, not flimsy at all. This will make removing stuck pistons much easier. The grip could be a little thicker but it's no problem. The gripping part is metal with a knurled surface (not...Read More
  • NEW
    • SUZUKI DR250R
    posted Mar 28, 2018Lightweight Rack
    This is a good lightweight Rally 591 rack that fitted my K7 DRZ 250cc no problems. It seems to be quite well made, although have had the aluminum start to crack and lift away (on the support bar with ...Read More
  • NEW
    • KAWASAKI Z900RS 18
    posted Mar 28, 2018Akrapovic Headers for z900rs
    Fitted these Akrapovic headers with the standard muffler. Instructions were easy to follow and the fitting was simple which took about 1.5 hours. Quality is good.
    No exhaust port gaskets are include...Read More
  • NEW
    • SUZUKI Address 110 CF 11 A All models Number of uses X1
    • SUZUKI Street Magic 110 / -II(TR110S / SD) CF12A All models Number of uses X1
    • SUZUKI Address V100 CE11A All models Number of uses X1
    • SUZUKI Address V100 CE13A All models Number of uses X1
    posted Mar 14, 2018problem solved
    had an exhaust leack but it was just the old worn gasket ring, these new ones fixed it and happy, will order more for spares just in caseRead More
  • NEW
    • SUZUKI ZZ (12 inches
    • 7. 2ps)
    • SUZUKI VECSTAR125/150
    • SUZUKI V100
    • ...and more.
    posted Mar 14, 2018Improved Accel up hills
    Improved Accel up hills but needs heavier so have ordered more in many weights, i think suzuki had it right with the stock 8g rollers, we will seeRead More
  • NEW
    • HONDA CB400SF Ver.S [NC31] 1998 【Frame No. 】 NC 31-1600001 or later
    • HONDA CB400SF [NC31] 1992 【Frame No. 】 NC31-1000001 to 1034643
    • HONDA XR100 MOTARD[HD13] 2007 【Frame No. 】 HD 13-1100001 or later
    • HONDA CB750 [RC42] 2004 【Frame No. 】 RC42-1350001 to 1399999
    • HONDA XR100 MOTARD[HD13] 2005 【Frame No. 】 HD 13 - 1000001 or later
    • ...and more.
    posted Mar 14, 2018Works well looks good
    looks good works well, the fitting was 90 degrees out but twisted it to suit and it fits with ease. musch better feel than the old OEM hose.Read More
  • NEW
    • SUZUKI Let's4 (LETS) 2007 【Frame No. 】 CA 41 A - 185041 or later 【Usage place】 rear
    • SUZUKI ZZ50 (ZZ) 2005 【Frame No. 】 CA 1 PB-135772 or later 【Usage place】 rear
    • SUZUKI ADDRESS V100 1999 【Frame No. 】 CE11A - 288537 or later 【Usage place】 rear
    • SUZUKI STREET MAGIC II (STREET MAGIC) 1998 【Frame No. 】 CF12A - 100001 or later 【Usage place】 rear
    • SUZUKI ADDRESS110 2003 【Frame No. 】 CF 11 A - 506 397 or later 【Usage place】 rear
    • ...and more.
    posted Mar 14, 2018Good working well
    Good pads took a while to bed in but now are working well. even when very hot. stops very well hot or cold. will use again next time.Read More
  • NEW
    • YAMAHA JOG APRIO (4JP5/7/8/9、4LV3)
    • HONDA XL400
    • YAMAHA TW200 98- (Round ball)
    • ...and more.
    posted Mar 14, 2018Brighter than stock
    Good bulb, brighter than stock, works OK in plastic lens. Good upgrade but as its not for this bike need modified, but no problem.Read More
  • Fits:
    • HONDA XR250 95|97-98|00|03-04|06-07 For rear use
    • HONDA XL-DEGREE 91|95 For rear use
    • HONDA XL250 78 For rear use
    • HONDA XR250 BAJA 95|97-99|00|03 For rear use
    • YAMAHA XT400 82 For rear use
    • ...and more.
    posted Feb 1, 2018Decent off road ability
    For a 50/50 On/Off Dual Purpose road tyre it does quite well off road. I find it is lacking a bit then riding fast on tarseal, and have had it squirm on me. As to be expected of a knobby type tyre cau...Read More
  • Fits:
    • HONDA XR250 95|97-98|00|03-04|06-07 For rear use
    • HONDA XL-DEGREE 91|95 For rear use
    • HONDA XL250 78 For rear use
    • HONDA XR250 BAJA 95|97-99|00|03 For rear use
    • YAMAHA XT400 82 For rear use
    • ...and more.
    posted Feb 1, 2018Decent off road ability.
    For an 50/50 Off/On road tyre they do do quite well off road. I find the on road ability lacking a bit though, and have had this rear tyre step out or squirm on me when going fast on a dry road. Have ...Read More
  • Fits:
    • KAWASAKI KLX150 2015 Rear
    • HONDA CRF250 RALLY 2017 Rear
    • KAWASAKI KLX300 1996 Rear
    • KAWASAKI KLX300 1997 Rear
    • KAWASAKI KLX300 1998 Rear
    • ...and more.
    posted Feb 1, 2018Epitome of Heavy Duty Tube
    IRC make an excellent Heavy Duty tube. This makes it resistant the punchers and pinch flats. I think the best side benefit though in fact is by being a thick tube, its harder to pinch the tube when in...Read More
  • Fits:
    • YAMAHA SR400SP 1983 【Frame No. 】 2H6-210101 or later
    • YAMAHA SR500 1992 【Frame No. 】 1 JN-224101 to 226000
    • YAMAHA SR400LTD 1984 【Frame No. 】 2H6-241101 or later
    • YAMAHA SR500 1983 【Frame No. 】 2J2-200101 or later
    • YAMAHA SR500 1978 【Frame No. 】 2J2-100101 or later
    • ...and more.
    By Banthoon (1)FromNew Zealand
    Really nice fit and quality product, Tailight bright and easy installation .Really fast shipping. Very satisfy with this product definately buy more from you guys. Well done webike JapanRead More
  • Fits:
    • KAWASAKI W800 : W650 : W400
    posted Jan 5, 2018Oscar goodness
    By Uli (3)FromNew Zealand
    As good as the short rear fender. Great fit, great value. Looks so much cleaner than the original front fender. But you have to live with lot more water on you when it rains.
    Exactly what I wanted! Read More
  • Fits:
    • KAWASAKI W800
    posted Jan 5, 2018Good old Oscar
    By Uli (3)FromNew Zealand
    Oscar plastics are usually first grade after market parts. As this little fender shows again. Looks very sexy on my beloved bike!
    Good value for money!Read More
  • Fits:
    • KAWASAKI W800
    posted Jan 5, 2018Kawasaki Original
    By Uli (3)FromNew Zealand
    Best quality and looks!
    What else to say?
    Fits perfectly and had a great price! I think now only available with the cafe racer front fairing.Read More
  • Fits:
    • HONDA GYROX TD01-2100001-2400001-
    • HONDA GYRO CANOPY (Late stage) TA-02-1500001-1599999 TA-02-1600001-
    posted Dec 22, 2017Very good quality
    By Shiloh (2)FromNew Zealand
    I'm more than happy with the KN Planning crank so far!
    The fit and finish is excellent, bearing feels smooth and it's easily as well made as a stock on in my mind.Read More
  • Fits:
    • YAMAHA REMOTE CONTROLLER JOG - ZR 06 - 07 <SA 16 J> (* 5 SW 5 / 7
    • part 05 MODEL (Body harness changed with genuine CDI labeled car) Conform. )
    • YAMAHA JOG-Z II 06-07 <5 SW 6 / 8>
    • YAMAHA JOG / C 06-07 (*5SU8 / 5SUC <CV50AREMOTE CONTROLLER less specification>
    • part 05MODEL (Body harness changed with genuine CDI labeled car) Conform. )
    • ...and more.
    posted Dec 14, 2017Yamaha Jog Cv50 2007
    By NO NAME (4)FromNew Zealand
    Bought this for my cv50 Yamaha jog with the 5su engine. Straight plug and play. Even though I'm not always going over the rev limit. Its good to know that I can and not restricted by it. Excellent buy...Read More
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