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4.6 (16 Reviews)
27.22USD (3,024yen)
24.16USD (2,684yen)
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  • SUZUKI  GSR250 (All models of GJ55D) 
4.6  (16  Reviews)
Very good
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Satisfaction after use
posted Mar 12, 2016
Because Helmet holder of GSR 250 must remove Large Seat,
KITACO made Helmet holder purchased by thinking that Helmet does not hit Exhaust System if Tandem Footpeg is used.
OEMBolt at the time of installation was very hard, and it did not turn even if it hit with Hammer in the usual L-Type Hexagonal Wrench,
I used a hexagon TypeSocket plugged into the Ratchet wrench.
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  • I bought it in January 2014 and celebrated the winter of the fourth year. I use it with SKYWAVE 250 burgman.From the conclusion, it is a word that I should have bought this quickly.Recently, various p...Read More
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    Following Astro, even 7X purchase.Somehow, this functionality feels good ParenthesisI also bought it again.(Really a Sunglasses school ,,,)★Shield's Air Shutter's modesty is onlyI can no...Read More
  • Fits:
    • Others ASTRAL-X / VECTOR-X / RX-7X / VAS-V shield compatible model ARAI
    posted Jan 23, 2017Indeed, it is not cloudy.
    It is difficult to attach the previous item to the ShieldAlthough the result did not work well, the product of this time managed somehow,It seems that the mounting accuracy is also improved.Even thoug...Read More
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    • KAWASAKI GPZ900R NINJA 84- ZX900A (ZX900A) Required number of : 1 set (4 pieces)
    posted Jan 23, 2017Become one point
    Exchange at the same time as Watani SP?.Although it seems to be considerably better when compared with the 30 years old Plug cord which was originally used, ... It is feeling it is not felt as Single ...Read More
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    • KAWASAKI GPZ750R-900R
    posted Jan 23, 2017Image changes definitely
    It was a solid build more than I imagined.Some Crack (surface) There was a chipping of the edge, etc., but I do not think that it is Minus for products pre-coated. After repairing with Pate, we paint ...Read More
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