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34.51USD (3,800 yen)
25.3USD (2,786 yen) (26% OFF)
4.0 (12 All Reviews)
34.51USD (3,800yen)
25.3USD (2,786yen)
(26% OFF)
  • Others    Universal
4.0  (12  All Reviews)
Very good
Most Viewed Reviews for KITACO Taro-Kun Float Float/Hazard Kit
Attention is required when attaching Hazard lamp
posted Nov 26, 2016
I tried installing today
In the easy-to-read Wiring diagram you can see the Black color code from Switch
It is written that it connects Gray color code with Bullet Terminal terminal
It may be only things that you purchased
Because Black and Gray color terminals were Female terminals
I changed the one on the Gray color side to the Male terminal

Wiring is attached before Color : Because the code of Sky Blue and Orange color is long
Tie wraps as necessary or Tie Wrap etc., it is more beautiful to summarize

In the Wiring diagram, Blinker and Color : Sky Blue - Orange color code each Wiring
It's supposed to be attached with Electro Tap
If you do not want to hurt the original Wiring
By using Y type terminal from Emon to change some Bullet Terminal
I do not want to use Electro Tap so I recommend it yourself
Particularly in the case of RZ, since Harink's BlinkerWiring is short
On the contrary, I think that Y type terminal is more convenient than using Electro Tap

Although I hear that Switch is hard to use if speaking of the impression used
I do not have any sense of difficulty in using it on my own

Since the Switch does not process waterproof, the SwitchReverse side partial clearance and
When water hangs, the bad part is cooked with Bus etc.. I think that it is better to waterproof with

As for installation there is nothing especially Small difficult part
I also wrote about it, but the Blinker code is long
A little trouble at Relay's location
When connecting to Battery you need a separate round terminal separately
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