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4.0  (6  Reviews)
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It's good not to use universal product
posted Dec 12, 2016
We used for Address V125G modified light motorcycle already settled.
Since my address applied Takegawa's Bore Up Kit, there was the following problem.
1. Pulley included with Kit does not have a Pulley holding hole like an OEM
2. Kit attached Pulley has a larger outer circumference than the OEM, there is no clearance for suppressing U-shaped Universal Pulley
Therefore, there was no fixation method of Pulley, Weight Roller was being replaced by Impact wrench, but if you want to manage Torque
As a result of introducing this product, as expected, it is exclusive goods, suppressing KICKNut on the outer side, suppressing the idling of Pulley, 17 mm Socket and Torque wrench (50Nm) I was able to work safely.
In addition, since I had Impact wrench when I loose it, I do not use this product, but after hanging KICKNut as a hang when I tighten it, I can apply to Center Stand that is standing It is a pleasant experience that you can use both hands without having to suppress the product itself.
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