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MX Tuner
 MODEL : 431-185-0010
(no customer reviews)
Ranking #44 in CDI
Usual Price: 260.7USD (31,000 yen)
Sale Price: 234.63USD (27,900 yen)
You Save 26.07USD (10%)
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SUZUKI  RM-Z250 (10-13) : RM-Z450 (10-13) : RMX450Z (10-11) 

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[Injection for &IgnitionTiming SettingTool]

MXTuner is the ECM according to road conditions and Rider preference must (Vehicle equipped with Computer) The product can Map the fuel injection volume and ignition timing Map to quickly rewrite.

<Specifications / Dimensions>
■ To adjust the
- Fuel injection (Hours) And ignition timing
■ Adjustable range
- Fuel injection amount of ± 5 aspect
- Ignition timing ± 2 aspect
■ Setting range :
- More than 12000 rpm or throughout from rotating engine rpm of 2000
- Throttle opening degree less than 5% from 75% or more or all areas

<Recommended Components>
- FIIndicator light ASSY (SEA BASS part No. : 36380-28H00)
* This part is for race.
* 1. By installing FI Indicator Light Assy, you will be able to use diagnosis function, and can visually check whether or not the MX tuner has correctly written to the ECM.
* 2. When using FI Indicator Light Assy, you will require battery wire (SUZUKI part number 36890-28H00) and 12V battery.
* Please note in advance that cancellation and/or return of this product cannot be accepted once the order has been placed.
* This item can not be cancelled, returned nor exchange after placing an order.
* If there may be an instruction manual included, it will be written in Japanese.

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