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 MODEL : 431-185-0010
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SUZUKI RM-Z250 (10-13) : RM-Z450 (10-13) : RMX450Z (10-11)

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MX Tuner is, ECM, if necessary, such as preferences and road conditions of the Rider (With car Ryobi Computer) The fuel injection quantity Map and ignition timing Map, is a commodity that can be rewritten quickly.

■ adjustment locations
- Fuel injection quantity (time) And ignition timing
■ adjustment range
- Each ± ​​five levels of the fuel injection quantity
- Each two-stage ± of ignition timing
■ Setting range :
- 12000rpm or more, or the entire area from the following Engine rotation speed 2000rpm
- 75% or more, or the entire area from Throttle opening less than 5%

- FIIndicatorLightASSY(SEA BASSProductNo : 36380-28H00)
* This part is for race.
* 1. By installing FI Indicator Light Assy, you will be able to use diagnosis function, and can visually check whether or not the MX tuner has correctly written to the ECM.
* 2. When using FI Indicator Light Assy, you will require battery wire (SUZUKI part number 36890-28H00) and 12V battery.
* Please note in advance that cancellation and/or return of this product cannot be accepted once the order has been placed.
* This item can not be cancelled, returned nor exchange after placing an order.
* If there may be an instruction manual included, it will be written in Japanese.

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