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Z900RS Cafe-bolt-on custom made in Italy [High-quality Rizoma custom also has the Japanese 56 design logo]


It was the Z900RS of 17 years announcement that a variety of custom vehicles were exhibited although there was a feeling that the topic of the Japanese new model was generous in the debut of the new katana. Among them, there was some outstanding custom, so I want to introduce it in several times. This time it is the Italian Rizoma.

Rizoma in Italy is closely related to Japan

In Japan, the familiar Italian Rizoma, which was led by MotoGP rider Nakano Shinya, who had 56 designs as the sole agency in Japan, is known for producing custom parts for high-quality commercial vehicles. In fact, the chief engineer at the time when Mr. Shinya Nakano was running as a MotoGP rider of Kawasaki was the head of product development of Rizoma, and the founder of the Rizoma has a connection with his nephew. This connection led to the Z900RS custom being displayed at the Milan show.

[Z900RS CAFE Customized by Rizoma] It installed various billet (cut-out) parts while taking advantage of the atmosphere of the STD Z900RS Cafe. The handlebar position is slightly lowered, giving a feeling of tightness.。

The Rizoma, originally have begun history from where it developed a lever guard for the MotoGP machine in ’09. It is a protector to avoid the danger that the brake lever is pressed when it comes into contact with other vehicle and brake unexpectedly, and it was also installed in this Z900RS custom of course. The part to bolt on to the handlebar end is made of aluminum, and the part of the lever guard is plastic, and the structure that it becomes at the contact of any chance and releases the impact. There are 2 types of Racing Edition and Street Edition.

[Pro Guard System] This is the brake lever guard. It was fitted with a racing edition. The new YZF-R125 is equipped as STD with a lineup of non-Rizoma manufacturers. The racing image is cool without any complaints, but contact with other vehicle in the event can occur even in the city, it can be said that practical equipment in fact.

[It is also adopted by multiple factories in MotoGP] The factory team of Ducati, KTM, and Aprilia have adopted the concept of ” Rizoma.” It is mounted also to the machine of Takaaki Nakagami with a low clutch. The picture shows Nakagami player of the 18th year final of the Valencia GP. A small piece is a machine of Stefan Bradl who ran out as a stand-in for a clutch-low player in the same battle and is in a Rizoma color.

Orthodox Z900RS plus the flowing in the cafe base

The handlebar position is also a matter of concern for deciding the styling. By attaching a so-called swallow handlebar, this Rizoma Z900RS Cafe has an intermediate position between the STD handlebar and the separate handlebar. In addition to creating a sense of fluidity without overexertion, it will be the point to add adult luster to the muscular atmosphere by the small size of the safety parts and the cut-out parts that have been blacked out. There are various parts such as the footpeg bar, the handlebar grip, and the lever, so you can enjoy adding 1 point each.

The handlebar mounts are also made of the Rizoma. It achieved a low tightened styling not as much as separate handlebar by attaching a swallow handlebar (the brand is unknown).

Brake and clutch lever is adjustable type capable of quick adjustment.

In the Rizoma, it lined up various types of mirrors. This is a relatively orthodox style.

The grip is a high-quality combination of aluminum parts and rubber parts.

The ultra-small blinker that is combined with the fender eliminator kit is the true value of the Rizoma. It is good that the body is blacked out.

It is a frame slider made of plastic.

The footpeg are replaceable on the bar. The way the knurled is lacey and well, and the feeling of the sole is more direct. It is also for pillion footpegs.

High-quality parts of race origin on the market custom vehicle

The way Rizoma line up these parts, it has the advantage of being able to directly reflect the know-how gained at the site of MotoGP to custom parts for commercial vehicles but is a manufacturer originating from the development of racing parts. In addition, the high level of design and craftsmanship unique to Italy are added, So it is also convinced of the quality of the finish. Mr. Nakano of 6 design also told us that “it is attractive that it has the ultimate minimalism where there is no place to cut and also elegant.”

A 56 design logo on the center of bikini cowl.

The combination “56” and “DOHC” is interesting.

[Z900RS CAFE Customized by Rizoma]

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View here for the complete picture

Original Source[ Young Machine ] (*Japanese)

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