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Yamaha Motor, Cumulative motorcycle production in India reaches 10 million units


▲ State of the 10 million unit achievement commemorative ceremony (May 14)

The cumulative production volume of India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as IYM), a motorcycle manufacturing subsidiary in Japan, reached 10 million units.

India is the world’s number one motorcycle market, with about 22 million vehicles (yearly 2018 achievements, according to Yamaha), with the annual demand for motorcycles increasing year by year due to income growth due to economic development and women’s social advancement. The company started producing motorcycles in India in 1985, and now manufactures and assembles motorcycle parts at IYM’s Slajpur, Faridabad and Chennai plants.

The company positions India as one of the priority areas in its new medium-term management plan and aims to expand sales volume by introducing attractive products unique to Yamaha and secure stable profits.

Original Source [ Yamaha Motor ]

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