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[Webike Team Norick Yamaha] The 54th NGK Spark Plug Cup Suzuka Sunday Road Race Final Round

  • 05/02/2019

• Tournament: 54th NGK Spark Plug Cup Suzuka Sunday Road Race Final Round
• December 08 (Sat) – 09 (Sun), 2018
• Venue: Suzuka Circuit, Mie Prefecture
“• Rider / Race Results
INT J-GP2 Class
#6 Abe Keito
Finals: 4th Overall Class 2”


Race Report

Abe Keito participated in “The 53rd NGK Spark Plug Cup Suzuka Sunday Road Race Final Round” held at the Suzuka Circuit! This is the last road race of the year.


The weather was not bad, but the temperature was low and it was a tough condition for both the riders and the tires. The time was 2 minutes 15 seconds and I was 2nd of the 4.

The condition of the finals was as cold as the qualifying round, and the race unfolded while struggling for the grip of the tires that would not go up. I finished the course out on a chase with the previous runner at the chicane of the final lap. Finished in fourth place overall! Abe Keito’s final round of the year, I boldly attacked!

It was the last race of this year as a Team Norick.
Thank you again for your support this year! Please look forward and support us again next year!


Abe Keito
• NGK Spark Plug Cup Suzuka Sunday Road Race INT J-GP 2 Class
Final Result 4th Overall in Class No. 2


Abe Keito’s Comment

• Qualifying Round
The Qualifying round was held in the morning.
It was very cold and the condition of the tire’s grip was not good in a state where the road surface temperature does not rise easily. The time was 2 minutes 15 seconds and I was 2nd of the 4.


• Finals
The Finals was also held in the morning.
It was a bad condition that the temperature did not rise and it was very cold compared to the Qualifying on Saturday and it was raining a little. I decided to start and entered the first corner, but the warmth of the tire was bad and I could not raise the pace and the ranking went down.


After that, I felt the warmth of the tire and was able to raise the pace, and was able to stand on the top on the eighth lap. But I was overtaken by one in the chicane on the ninth lap and it fell to second place.

And I pulled out the previous bike from the out in the braking of the chicane of the final lap, but I got in contact and got out of the course.The result was 4th overall and 2nd in class.

This race was more like a race than ever before, and I was able to learn a lot of things. Lastly, Thank you very much to everyone in the team, everyone who supported us, and everyone who cheered for us this whole year.


Comment by Director Abe

This race week was held in the coldness reminiscent of the coldness of midwinter. This time is a mixed race of 3 GP2 machines and 12 ST600 machines.

The qualifying day of the 8th was also sunny, but I could not expect a cold and good time.Yuta Date of GP2 put pole and Keito to 2nd place as expected in the qualifying.

On the 9th, the race was warm-up before the race, and Keito had two significant slips from the cold, and the start was good, but in the beginning, he could not raise the pace to see the situation and dropped to the eighth place.

However, although it was a short race of 10 laps, the pace was higher than in the middle stage and I was at the top around the 8th lap. In the second half, I was on a single battle with Date, and I was able to see if I had stood on top at the last chicane entrance, but I came in contact with Date and jumped out into the dirt, and the goal was in 4th place.However, it was not good in cold weather in time, but it was something that I could have a great expectation for next year in a race that was responsive.

This time all the races in 2018 have been completed, but training remains within the year and we feel that we can race in the upper rank next year. Thank you for your support this year.

Thank you for your support of Abe Keito and Webike Team Norick Yamaha in 2019.


photo by Ishizaki Nobuki

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