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[WEBIKE Team Norick Yamaha] All-Japan Road Race Championship Series Final Game

  • 12/12/2018

•Tournament Name: 2018 All Japan Road Race Championship Series Final Game
•Date: November 3, 2018 (Saturday,) – November 4 (Sunday)
•Venue: Suzuka Circuit Mie Prefecture

Race Report

The qualifying was good on the road surface condition. It was a situation where the lap time, gradually came up as the riding form and the line taking machine setting was boiled down from the sport ride on the day before. There was a course out of the way, but no problem with riding, and the best time was 2′ 15:007. It did not reach the target 14-seconds, but it was a ride to expect the future. The qualifying were ranked in 18th place.

The finals were in wet condition. The player Abe Keito who has been weak at the start was able to improve his position which makes him in a very good situation, but at the start wrap fighting the battle, the ranking has dropped down.


There has been a confusion in the middle game just after the start of SUZUKA’s first rain condition. After that, it is finished in 16th place with 2’26:222 despite of steadily improving the lap. The rain condition makes struggle and difficult in the SUZUKA circuit.


The participation in this year’s All Japan Road Race Championship Series is over, but will participate in the 5th round of the All Japan Super Moto Championship held at Mobara Twin Circuit on Sunday, November 11 (Sun). Thank you for your support!

Abe Keito Player Abe Keito Player Abe Keito Player Abe Keito Player Abe Keito Player Abe Keito Player

•2018 All-Japan Road Race Championship Series No. 9 Round J-GP 2 Class
Qualifying: 18th Finals: 16th Best Time: 2’26.222


Abe Keito Player’s Comment

On the first day of practice, I only reached 2’17:565, and could not time up as I expected.

The second day of practice, I thought I was going up early anyway, but I fell down with a hairpin on the 2nd lap. After that, I was able to time up 2’15:955, but I wanted to capture the riding form and the motorcycle settings in qualifying and time up.

In qualifying, I stood up for the Dunlop corner and slowed down the braking of the entry of the Degner curve a little. Then, the rear tire flowed too much, and I went out of the track, but I made possible to start the course in a short time, and being able to reach at 18th with 2’15:007.
It was regrettable that it did not reach a little more because the target was 14 units for 2-minutes.

The warm-up ride on Sunday morning was the first wet condition in SUZUKA circuit. The time was 2’27:760 in 15th place.

The final was also in wet condition. The start was successful and have been able to raise the position. I was able to do the battle from 1st lap, but I got in contact with the approach of Hitachi automatic system chicane, and went off the track and dropped the ranking. After that, I was not able to regain the rhythm and only raised 2 ranks, but ended up in 16th place.

I was able to raise the ranking with success from my previous goal, but it is time to raise more from here to review the riding form and capture the line, because I thought that the politeness of each operation is important, and I want to make it a new goal.

All Japan Road Race was the last this year. Thank you very much for the team, sponsors, and everyone who supported us for 1-year.

Abe Keito


Comment by Director Abe Mitsuo

This time, it was 4-days from Thursday a day earlier because there was no preliminary test different from the All Japan Championship at any time. Mr. Keito is the first year of 600cc. The experience of the difficult SUZUKA circuit which is close to 6km long is small, and this year was the year of the trial study, and it was the last game to be tested the most.

11/1 Sports Riding Day 1
It is 2-times every 30-minutes each morning and afternoon, thought it was tough from the start but still doing the best from practice.

11/2 Sports Riding Day 2
After all, still riding in the morning twice and afternoon. There was an indication that the upper body moved too much and needed to fix the riding form. It comes to the point to fall down at the opening hairpin, though there is no problem with the body, but the machine was also slightly damaged and restarted after pitting in. The result is 1-second more time than yesterday, and the time was extended to 2’15:955.

11/3 Qualifying 30-minutes
It has been 15-seconds 5 shortly after the start, but after the course out on the middle stage and pit in, fine adjustment was applied and restarted. It was a start from the 18th grid without being able to put out the last lap 2’15:007, and to expect 14-seconds on the last lap.

11/4 Final
The rainy weather forecast has been changed as well as long-term weather forecast. It is Abe Keito who is good at rain in the morning free practice, but 15th place was full of opponents against the first rain of SUZUKA and experienced seniors. The finals were collided by the 1st lap, and the comeback became the end, and it caught up to the front motorcycle which took away 2 motorcycles, and placed in the 16th goal.

Looking back at the end of the last round of All Japan Final Game, the opening match was Keito who still feels young at the age of 14, but now he is completely grown-up, and riding the target of 14-seconds at SUZUKA. However, the rain came during the race, and it makes impossible to reach the goal, but still it was the all japan final battle that made steady growth. We will aim for 14-seconds for the local election in December and the Suzuka NGK Cup.

In addition, thank you for the 1-year cheer that has left the Mobara Motard Racing on November 11 and SUZUKA NGK Cup in December 9. Thank you in 2019 as well.

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