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[Webike Team Norick Yamaha] 2019 Tsukuba Road Race Championship Series Round 1


■ Race Name: 2019 Tsukuba Road Race Championship Series Round 1
■ Date: March 9, 2019 (Saturday)
■ Venue: Ibaraki Prefecture Tsukuba Circuit
■ Rider/Race Results
S80 Class
#81 Kai Aota, Qualifying: 14th place, Final: 15th place

JP250 Class
#17 Maiki Abe, Qualifying: 7th place, Final: 8th place


Race Report

In the”Tsukuba Road Race Championship Series Round 1″, which was held in the Tsukuba Circuit, Kai Aota participated in the “S80” class and Maiki Abe participated in the “JP250” class! Both of them were the first race in 2019.

Kai Aota was 14th place in the preliminary round with a time-lapse of 1:7:974. In the final, he was 15th place in a time-lapse of 1:6:863, and were able to shorten the time more than 1 second from the preliminary round.
Maiki Abe was 7th place in the preliminary round with time-lapse of 1: 07:046. In the final round, he was 8th place with a time-lapse of 1:07:431.

The ranking still not good but we have a race that we can expect in the next match.

The next race “Motegi Road Race Championship Round 1” will be held on March 24 (Tuesday) at the Twin Ring Motegi in Tochigi were Maiki Abe participated the race! Thank you for your support in 2019!


Kai Aota
■ 2019 Tsukuba Road Race Championship Series Round 1 S80 Class
Qualifying: 14th place, Final: 15th place, Best Time: 1:06:863


Kai Aota’s Comments

This year, I was going to participate in the S80 class with the TZ frame motorcycle from the team original machine I was riding last year. It was the day before I could not go to practice at the Tsukuba Circuit.

This time we were aiming to put it in the 7 seconds, but I fell on the previous day’s practice and lost a self-control.
It was in preliminary round without being able to get the target time, but I was able to run behind a fast person, and I was very happy to clear the target time as 7 seconds and 9.

In the final, I was very happy to run behind a fast racer and try to reach a goal in front of me, and to update my best time.
Thank you to everyone who gave me a lot of advice. I will try to practice a lot to be able to be faster.
I look forward to your continued support.

Kai Aota


Maiki Abe
■ 2019 Tsukuba Road Race Championship Series Round 1 JP250 Class
Qualifying: 7th place, Final: 8th place, Best Time: 1:07:046


Maikie Abe’s Comments

The JP250 class that I competed in this time was similar in size and weight with the 600cc motorcycle, so I felt that it was quick to get used to it after starting to ride.
I thought that I could be the 1st place if I went well because I was 2nd place in preliminary round, but when I was pulled out of the other bike in the corner, I was frightened, and in the meantime I was overtaken by other motorcycle.
It took a long time to pull back into the overtake motorcycle even after being pulled out, as a result, I didn’t have a better time than 4th place in the class in preliminary round and I feel a little frustrated, but I got through to overtake the previous motorcycle in the corner and I think that it was a good experience because I had a successful start.

Maiki Abe


Abe Manager’s Comments

Aota Kai changed from last year’s YZ85 naked machine to a road racer equipped with a YZ85 engine in a TZ frame, and participated in the S80 class where significant time-up can be expected.

Maki Abe was scheduled to enter ST600 but coudn’t participate the J-GP3 class and JP250 because he was a junior license. However, the preparation period is short and J-GP3 cancels without being able to eliminate the engine failure. The JP250 was also a 3-day practice machine for the YZF-R25, and the actual machine was in a state of 1-day practice and 9-day production on the day before the race.

Aota was steadily extended above the time, and last year’s time was shortened by nearly 2 seconds, and he was 14th place in the preliminary round at a time-lapse of 1:7:74.
The two races was a brave competition for 15th place, and finally it was a race of 15th place goal, but it was a result of shortening the time more than 1 second than the qualifying time and the best time-lapse of 1:6:863, and it was a great result at the youngest 13 years old, and we are looking forward to this year’s growth.

Abe was in 7th place overall with a reduced time nearly 2 seconds that the practice motorcycle time-lapse of 1:7:046.
The race started well and the 1st corner was clear in 2nd round but as expected, it was hit by experienced seniors, and it is a race around the 1st lap pass at 8th place, Abe also is brave at 8th place dispute with CBR250RR, and the result was the 8th place goal and 4th place in National Class.

Abe partcipated in the Tsukuba Road Race for about 2 races last year, but it is not a race with a motorcycle beginner and this race was practically the debut race.
The race was not as sweet as I had thought, and I received a strict debut and expect the great growth of this year to spring.

Mitsuo Abe

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