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[WEBIKE Team Norick YAMAHA] 2018 Tsukuba Road Race Championship Series Round 4

  • 09/11/2018

•Tournament Name: 2018 Tsukuba Road Race Championship Series Round 4
•Date: October 13, 2018 (Sat)
•Venue: Ibaraki Prefecture Tsukuba Circuit
•Riders/Race Result
S80 Class
#81 Aota Kai, Final: 23rd Place

J-GP3 Class
#17 Abe Maki Qualifying: 6th Place Finals: –

Race Report

The racer Abe Maki participated in the “J-GP3” and Aota in “S80” Class in the “Tsukuba Road Race Championship Series Round 4” held at Tsukuba Circuit.
Both of them were the last race in 2018.

The racer Aota was 27th place in the qualifying of 1’10:962. And being able to update the self-best in the final which reach into 23rd place of 1’9:783.
The racer Abe Maki was 6th place in the qualifying of 1’03:678, but was not being able to ride due to the trouble engine on the way.
Unfortunately, it ended up to retire because of not being able to start riding in the race, but despite of what happen its been possible to take the self-best up to the qualifying time.

It seems that the 2 racers are still in the middle of growth, but it can be a great expectation.
Please don’t stop and continue to support!

Aota Kai

•2018 Tsukuba Road Race Championship Series Round 4 S80 Class
Final result: 23rd Place Best Time: 1’09.783


Aota Kai’s Comment

I was able to reach the 10-second range, which I had promised for the previous coach, but this time I practiced for the day before the qualifying for the purpose of reaching 9-seconds and further time increase, but I could not cast-off the 10-seconds.
Still, on the race day I was able to use the slip well and put it in the 9-second range.

This year’s Tsukuba Championship is over, but I was really happy when I entered the 9-second unit I was targeting earlier this year.
Thank you very much for everyone who supported us and the people who cooperated with us.

Aota Kai


Masaru Abe players

•2018 Tsukuba Road Race Championship Series 4 Round J-GP 3 Class
Qualifying Result: 6th Place Best Time: 1’03.678 Final Result: –


Abi Maki’s Comment

“It was said that this race was the last and I was told that it might be able to ride 600 from the next, so I put a lot of fun and ride.

But, it was disappointing because of not being able to get the goal of 2-seconds in the qualifying and in the finals of having trouble with the machine.

However, in the 6th week qualifying was the best time for 1’3:6, and it changes with the thought that wanted to leave a good result for the next year ST600 class of the regional championship from now on.


Director Abe Mitsuo’s Comment

It was the final race of the road race in 2018.

The 12-years old Aota has been participated in the Naked Machine appearance to the S80 class, TZ125, RS125 frame was remodeled and in a net racing machine equipped with motocross 85 or NSF150 engine, and it is a hybrid machine that can ride darts and motards by replacing change the handlebar, footpeg etc., with only YZ85 basically as it is. The machine is far less competitive than the others, but to aim at the top riders in the future, it is possible to change the handlebar in a short period of time, so you can enjoy a versatile training in one cheap and fun training racer.
Aota Kai was racing with the automatic beginner motorcycle, but this year he entered the Webike Team Norick, and suddenly started YZ85 dirt training. He started out in the Motard Racing to get used to a motorcycle with a clutch, and in the final game of Tsukuba, he had a self-best time of 8-minutes 9-seconds, and showed the results of steady growth.

In addition, the 14-years old Abe Maki was a beginner who first got on the motorcycle on November 22 last year, but it started with dirt training at YZ85 and was a challenge from the second race to the GP3 class on GPMono machine with the YZ250F engine in the TZ125 frame that last year was Abe Keito riding.
It was always a challenge to the time because it was impossible to participate in the game by the challenge in the disadvantage of the motocross engine with the TZ125 in addition to the beginner. The best time in practice was 1’3:95 which was the target in the final round is 1-minute 2-seconds, but trouble happens when the engine stop and finished in the qualifying as it is, and since it was 1’3:6 in the 6th week of qualifying, the expectation for the 2 second range has expanded. The race did not resolve the trouble, and it was a true life knife who regretted frightly without being able to start.

Both of them were at the Tsukuba Championships, which showed rapid growth, leaving the final motard at the Mobara Twin Circuit in November, but 2019 will also try new challenges and pursue the future of the Moto GP Rider champion.

Thank you for all the support.

Mitsuo Abe


photo by Ishizaki Nobuki

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