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[Webike Team Norick Yamaha] 2018 All Japan Super Moto Championship Round 8

  • 13/12/2018

■ Tournament Name: 2018 All Japan Super Moto Championship Round 8
■ Date: November 11, 2018 (Sun)
■ Venue: Mobara Twin Circuit, Chiba
■ Rider/Race Result
All Japan S2 class
#6 Abe Keito Final: 1st place

East Japan Area S2 Class
#17 Abe Maki Final: Finish

Eastern Japan Area S3 Class
#10 Atsushi Aota Final: 5th place


Race Report


Abe Keito, Abe Maki, and Aota Atsushi compete in the “2018 All Japan Super Moto Championship Round 8” held at the Mobara Twin Circuit. It will be the final battle of all Japan Super Moto.
Team Norick has continued to compete in Motard racing for the purpose of improving racing skills and riding skills.

Abe Keito participated in All-Japan S2 class.
In the time attack, he marked the top time faster than S1OPEN that 56 seconds 219 surprised the venue.
Both the preliminary and final, All-Japan road race ST600 class champion Okamoto Yuki who had participated in the same All-Japan S2 class and fierce battle waged, dignified first place completed without giving up the top from beginning to end! He was able to win the championship.

“Abe Maki has participated in the East Japan area S2 class.
In the preliminary, he was able to aim for the Championship at 1 minute 02 seconds 021, which ranked second in the class.
In the final, he was showing a run that he could dig into the top but because of the lack of experience in the dogfight, the pace has been disrupted and it has fallen.”

Aota Atsushi participated in the Eastern Japan Area S3 Class.
Both the preliminary and the final were in fifth place, and they were at the mercy of the course and road conditions that they were not used to running, but they were able to run out firmly.
The best time was 1 minute 04 seconds 332.

It shows me a race that makes me feel growth every time.
Team Norick race is only leaving the Suzuka NGK Spark Plug Cup race of Abe Keito.
Thank you for your support until the end!


Abe Keito
2018 All Japan Super Moto Championship Round 8 All Japan S2 Class
Final Result – 1st place

Comment by Abe Keito

I didn’t have much time to improve our practice the previous day, but on Sunday morning I was at the top of the race.
In preliminary, I were able to beat the free time in the morning and able to win the top time.

The preliminary heat was 7 laps. The start was successful and I was able to enter 1 corner with pole shot. After that, I felt the pressure from behind and managed to suppress it somehow, and I was able to finish the preliminary heat at the top.

The final was 12 laps. Although the start failed a little, I was able to suppress the back somehow and was able to enter 1 corner with pole shot. Even after that, I was able to go to the top and win the championship.
I was really happy to finish the final game in the best way.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the team, and everyone who supported us.


Abe Maki
■ 2018 All Japan Super Moto Championship Round 8 Eastern Japan Area S2 Class
Final Result Finish


Comments by Abe Maki

I practice the day before the race, learn the course first and check the line and gear position because it is my first time to run in Mobara circuit.
And then, I able to make good use of what we had learned yesterday during the race day practice, and we were able to take 2nd place overall and pole position in the class.

However, when the race started, I was a little too tense to release the clutch, and it fell to the fourth position, and from there it went up to the third, but it was a dirt that hit the brake when it came in contact with the previous person, but it was caught in the gap.
After that, I couldn’t surpass the person in front of me, and when I left the dirt, the steering wheel was clipped and fell over.

The result of the race was disappointing, but I learned a lot for future races, such as cases like how to surpass the previous person in the scene or how to be overcome. I would like to take advantage of this in the future race.


Atsushi Aota
■ 2018 All Japan Super Moto Championship Round 8 East Japan Area S3 class
Final Race Result 5th place


Comments by Aomi Aota

It was the last Motard Race of the year that allowed me to join the Team Norick.

I was able to practice from the day before to get used to the course because I have never run on the Mobara circuit again but it started in the wet with rain and I stopped. There is no dirt section that I don’t like because it was wet and it did not take long to get used to the course.

There were 2 dirt sections on the day of the race, and I had a lot of trouble with jumping. I thought that I would do my best so that my weak jump and my skill on the dirt would be good by practicing a lot.

I started riding the YZ85 from last year, and it was a very fun year to ride.
Thank you for your support and cooperation. Thank you very much for everyone who has supported a lot.

Comment by Director Abe

Our team is participating in Super Moto at the spot to cultivate extreme concentration and race intuition which can not be done at practice when not doing batting with road race.

Even this time, Abe Keito went to the All Japan S2 class YZ250, Abe Maki was in the area S2 class YZ250, and Aota Kai participated in the area S3 class YZ85. Eito was burning because Yuki Okamoto who was a teammate in this year’S ST600 champion until the year before last also participated in the same class.
The qualifying round was narrowly short, with Keito in 1st place and Okamoto in 2nd place. It was a hot race for both incredible racers.
Keito did not give up the top until the end, and Yuki overturned with a dirt in the last lap, but since he was far away from the 3rd place, it was as it was a second goal. Keito was played three races undefeated this year.

In November, after riding a motorcycle for the first time in the first year, Motard was the third time in Motard racing for the first time in Mobara, but the qualifying round in the S2/S3 class of mixed race was the top of the class of the whole second place. The start of the race was delayed, but I fell into the second half where I was in the 2nd place contest, and I was regretted after the goal.

Aota has the smallest displacement of 85cc, I do not think that we will win or lose, and now we gain a lot of experience and grow steadily for the future. This year, Keito has left the NGK Cup in Suzuka but the other was the last race of the year. However, it seems that there is no time for the off-training to be relaxed and comfortable.

We will do our best to make each of 2019 a leap year.
We would like to thank all the people who supported us, including Webike, thank you very much.

Mitsuo Abe

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