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“Webike Tati team TRICK STAR Racing Quick-Drying Pit Shirt 2018-19”

  • 02/04/2019

The race season started over the world, but EWC is in the middle of a season already.

Even TRICK STAR Racing
TRICK STAR Racing is preparing for the next race that is the 24-hour endurance race for the Le Mans on 20-21 April.

This time, in order for you to support the 24-hour Race Le Mans, we will also sell the 2nd Le Mans specification.

“Webike Tati team TRICK STAR Racing Fast-drying pit Shirt 2018-19”

The second installment with the “Le Mans” logo is a limited release.
In addition, pit shirt black will be additionally sold from the second edition.
As before, the limited edition pit shirt contains the purchaser’s name and serial number. On the opposite side is the second round “Le Mans” logo.

The 2nd Campaign Period is from March 6 until April 20.

If you miss this opportunity, this product may become a “phantom product”.
Please consider your purchase.

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